The Evolution of Sales Strategies: Leveraging AI with xiQ's Gilroy

In the dynamic landscape of modern sales, every second counts. The surge in account turnover over the past year has left many organizations scrambling to keep their footing. It’s not just about securing new accounts, but retaining the trust and rapport built with existing ones. Enter xiQ and it’s powerful generative AI-powered assistant, Gilroy.

xiQ, for the uninitiated, revolutionizes the way sales professionals approach accounts. No longer do they need to wade through cumbersome notes from previous reps or make blind assumptions. xiQ offers a swift insight into individual personality traits and communication styles. While the historical context has its place, balancing it with real-time, data-driven insights strengthens the relationship-building process.

Gilroy, described as xiQ’s GPT counterpart and powered by ChatGPT, is a game-changer. Boasting intelligently designed pre-built prompts, it enables reps to produce consistent, high-quality outputs. The beauty of Gilroy lies in its adaptability. Whether generating strategy ideas, crafting compelling content, or even assisting with email construction, its capabilities are vast. Its real-time training data and the utilization of pre-loaded tools such as SWOT Analysis and Pain Points further make it a superior Large Language Model (LLM).

A pertinent example of Gilroy’s efficacy is seen in strategy sessions. Where field teams once manually mapped SWOT and Pain Points to offerings – achieving two to three strategies in one sitting – they can now review up to 12, with 80% of the groundwork laid out by AI in mere seconds.

The ongoing developments in AI, like the integration of xiQ into tools like SFDC, open the doors to limitless possibilities. AI isn’t just another tool in the kit but a force multiplier, removing day-to-day friction and driving efficiency. It’s crucial, however, to recognize AI’s individualistic nature. Much like Excel, which serves various purposes for different users, AI’s potential use varies from person to person. It’s an enhancer, not a replacement.

Navigating AI requires a nuanced understanding. Communication with AI is an art, a synergy between pattern recognition and context. The modular method – encompassing persona, output, audience, tone, specifics, and optional rewrite – optimizes user interaction with AI, tailoring outputs to specific needs.

For the skeptics and newcomers, the journey with AI should be personal and relatable. Engaging in fun tasks or leveraging AI for something they’re passionate about can be the gateway to appreciation and, eventually, reliance. Just as one might use Excel variably, from basic lists to intricate reports, the journey with AI is deeply personal.


In conclusion, xiQ and Gilroy represent the forefront of AI-enhanced sales strategies. As they further integrate into our daily tools and processes, their significance can only grow. They stand not as mere software but as testament to the merging of human intuition with AI precision, reshaping the world of sales for the better.

About The Author

Brian Picard

Sales Operations Specialist

Dell Technologies

Brian Picard has been a dedicated member of DELL Technologies for nearly 17 years. He presently enjoys the esteemed privilege of collaborating with all Services Sales Representatives, spanning from inside teams to field teams and even principal consultants. His primary mission revolves around the adoption of tools and processes aimed at enhancing their efficiency, simplifying their daily tasks, and driving sales. Over the past six months, AI has emerged as a significant component of his daily responsibilities. Brian is enthused to share his insights on AI and shed light on how xiQ is transforming AI into an accessible and immediately valuable resource for skeptics.