The new B2B sales imperative

2020 was a very traumatic year for B2B Sales!

Buyers in the B2B sector have become extremely unsure and stressed with the ongoing virtual situation. With an ever-growing number of stakeholders involved in number of buying process and an ever-expanding variety of options available to choose from, customers are increasingly confused and more paralyzed than inspired.

So, what is the answer to removing roadblocks and guiding consumers through the decision-making process?

As B2B sellers and marketers are constantly learning to navigate one of the most recent challenges in history, we were joined by Greg Downum, Senior Director Sales Operations at NTT DATA, along with Usman Sheikh, Founder/CEO at xiQ where they answered the following questions in detail:

How has B2B sales changed?

  • Meetings have changed from physical to virtual,
  • Outside-sales have shifted to Inside-sales,
  • The role of Field Marketing has been redefined.

What are the imperatives for successful B2B Sales?

  • Implement data driven sales process,
  • Add inside, social, and virtual-selling skills to the sales toolkit,
  • Use psychographic analysis to understand the mindset or your prospective buyers,
  • Custom tailor the sales pitch to match the communication style of your buyer.

How is AI driving the new B2B sales imperative?

  • Gather and analyze petabytes of unstructured data into actionable insights,
  • Personalize every interaction,
  • Analyze public data to generate personality-based engagement recommendations.

What are the must-have skills for future B2B sales-makers?

  • Ability to use communication tools to cut through the virtual barriers,
  • Making the virtual meeting dynamic,
  • Sales and marketing need to work symbiotically.

Listen to the entire conversation here. Feel free to Schedule a 1:1 with our Sales Strategist and learn to upscale your sales strategy.

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