REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 19, 2020 - xiQ, the pioneer of Personality-Driven Engagement (PDE), and Carbon Design, the leading Personality-Driven Marketing agency, are pleased to announce the commencement of a strategic partnership to launch PDE. Combining xiQ’s industry-leading AI-powered PDE platform that provides DISC personality assessment providing insight on buyers mindsets and an end-to-end marketing and sales platform, with Carbon Design’s ability to create and build content that uses the Challenger Marketing methodology and Mobilizer personality types is a game-changer.

Combining xiQ, the world’s leading AI-powered sales and marketing technology platform, with Carbon Design, expertise in using Challenger to develop insights that drive highly personalized experiences , pushes B2B sales and marketing to an unprecedented level of precision.

“The irony of Account-Based Marketing is that everyone talks about accounts and hyper-personalization but they forget to talk about the person. We don’t sell to Accounts, we sell to people within accounts, each person has a unique personality, the way they ingest information and make decisions. xiQ is the only platform that provides the ability to understand and engage people as individuals at scale”. Says Usman Sheikh, founder and CEO of xiQ, Inc. “We are excited to partner with Carbon Design and bring the world’s leading Challenger-based content development expertise to work with xiQ”.

“Our joint-mission is to introduce a new class of precision-driven B2B sales and marketing. Carbon Design’s unique understanding of leveraging emotional appeal to the buyer’s psyche and xiQ’s unique ability to predict the buyer’s personality type helps us conceive, design, and develop content that transforms B2B marketing and sales,” says Scott Gillum Founder, and CEO of Carbon Design. “With xiQ’s impressive ability to predict DISC personality types on the fly and directly feed into the most comprehensive end-to-end B2B marketing and sales platform, we aim to develop highly personalized content that appeals to an audience of one.”

About xiQ

Silicon Valley-based xiQ is the leading AI-powered B2B sales and marketing platform. Recognized as number one by its customers, xiQ's SaaS platform includes AI-enabled tools for Personality-driven Engagement (PDE), Account-Based Marketing (ABM), DISC personality profiling, content development, content management, campaign execution, microsites, analytics, 1st hand intent data, account and person intelligence and strategic account planning.

About Carbon Design

Carbon Design is an agile marketing services firm. Combining the best of strategy consulting and global creative agencies. Leveraging an on-demand talent network, Carbon has an efficient and flexible model, proprietary solutions, and experienced people who have navigated through dramatic changes.