Redwood City, California, Vancouver, British Columbia, May 22, 2020- xiQ, the leading Personality-Driven Engagement platform, and Cyber Business Review, are pleased to announce the launch of Cyber Business Review’s website:

Cyber Business Review leverages xiQ’s AI-powered content curation platform to provide a unique experience to its users by making the most current cyber insights and information readily available, allowing them to make informed choices.

“Cyber Business Review is an online platform featuring crowdsourced, peer-vetted cyber content. Our readers come to us because they expect everything we publish to be of a certain caliber and degree of relevance,” says Steve Tso, Founder, and, CEO of Cyber Business Review. “xiQ’s AI-powered platform allows us to easily find content that is most valuable and saves us time, costs, and resources while allowing us to maintain our website with real-time cybersecurity news.”

Steve TSO

xiQ’s end-to-end content development platform enables Cyber Business Review with real-time cybersecurity threat alerts and stories that are a lifeline for cybersecurity professionals.

Usman Sheikh xiQ Founder

“Cyber Security and IT professionals cannot afford to be blindsided or caught off-guard,” says Usman Sheikh, Founder and CEO of xiQ. “xiQ is pleased to be a partner and real-time information provider to Cyber Business Review. Cyber Business Review is an essential source of business-critical information that can protect companies from digital fraud and save billions of dollars.”

About xiQ

Silicon Valley-based xiQ combines AI, Mobile and Design Thinking to deliver next-generation solutions for B2B sales and marketing professionals. xiQ’s SaaS platform provides AI-enabled tools that support, streamline and accelerate the buyer’s journey. xiQ’s major clients include Nutanix, AWS, Genpact, Diebold-Nixdorf, Symantec, Accenture, and the SanFrancisco 49ers.

About Cyber Security Review

Cyber Business Review facilitates the exchange of crowdsourced cyber insights, experiences and differing opinions that challenge the status quo. Our audience is diverse, ranging from CXO and board members, to members of the public with an interest in IT security such as students and business owners. Discussions address topics in business and personal security. Content published on Cyber Business Review is always ungated and freely available.