Personality-driven Sales & Marketing™

xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform™ combines neuroscience, psychology, and AI to understand the buyers’ mindset and accelerates B2B sales.

Our large enterprise customers have engaged their audiences 10x better, executed sales strategies that saved thousands of hours, and achieved up to 24% higher close win rates.

Winner G2 and Gartner Cool Vendor for Sales Intelligence

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    “xiQ provides direct visibility into the campaign interactions and gives sales the ability to create messaging that resonates with the personality of their buyers.”

    “With xiQ, our sales teams are more intelligent, agile, and save valuable time doing buyer and account research.”

    “xiQ recommends content, that we combine with our own, to launch email campaigns that achieve unprecedented engagement rates at a fraction of time.”

    “xiQ has shaved days off our search for quality content that resonates with our audience.”

    “xiQ provides the necessary information and personality insights to help salespeople better personalize messages and improve engagement.”

    “xiQ is incredibly useful for developing thought leadership and it makes it easy to generate content for our marketing outreach.”

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    Personality-driven Sales & Marketing™

    Personality-driven Sales & Marketing™


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