Content in one place

CMS allows you to host multiple types of marketing collateral in a consolidated interface for easier management.

Upload your images, videos, white papers and blogs to include in your email campaigns.  

You can also sort your marketing material in custom folders for quick access.

xiQ CMS Generate

Streamlined Content Curation

Establish credibility and improve visibility with xiQ’s CMS that makes content curation easier than ever.

Select third-party content from any source and add it to your repository. Use this content for future use across campaigns.

Build personalized campaigns with xiQ’s CMS much faster, course correct, and establish your mark as a trusted advisor.

xiQ Streamline

Multi-Channel Marketing

Use content in xiQ’s CMS for multichannel marketing campaigns such as social media, websites or portals.

Establish topical and frequent cadence with your clients and maximize engagement.

xiQ lets you project your domain expertise and increase social presence through multichannel marketing.



xiQ’s Campaign Analytics dashboards measure campaign performance, content efficacy, ranks client engagement, and generates first-hand intent data for each prospect.

Analyze actionable insights with AI-powered lead and content scoring and predict when prospects are ready to buy.

Content Campaigns


xiQ extrapolates the intent of each prospect, in real-time, by analyzing content, key topics, and concepts of interest to the buyer.

Follow the buyer’s journey with intent signals that determine the readiness of the prospect and personalize communications!

xiQ is the only platform associating (DISC) personality analysis with each prospect!

xiQ Measure
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Donna Yasay

Vice President, Data Center Product & Solutions Marketing

END-TO-END ABM platform WITH ADvanced Analytics

xiQ provides direct visibility into the interactions of my customer with campaigns.

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Ahmed Mazhari

Chief Growth Officer

Driving Personalized Selling at Scale

xiQ is the sales intelligence platform that feeds insights to 400 members of Genpact’s sales, marketing and leadership teams.

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Steve Tso

Director, Marketing Campaigns

Great ABM features and easy-to-use

xiQ has allowed us to scale up our client engagement frequency without a corresponding increase in resources and time.

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Gerry Murray

Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology


xiQ simplifies one of the most tedious tasks for sales reps, finding relevant content and sharing it with prospects and customers.

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Heather Clifton

Chief Marketing Officer


xiQ helps us generate thought leadership content and establish i2c
as an innovator. Our use of xiQ has grown our subscribers by 270%

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Cathy Martin

Regional Marketing Manager

Bold Ambitions Require Massive Actions!

At QuEST Global we derive our differentiation by placing our customers at the center of everything we do and custom tailoring complex…

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Terri Thibodeaux

Director of Marketing

Agility Drives Momentum

xiQ’s Workbench has shaved days off our search for quality content that resonates with our audience.

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Katy Yuan

Marketing Campaigns Specialist

content is king

We have been using xiQ for Marketing (AI-assisted) campaign development and xiQ for Sales (People & Account) Intelligence.

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Gianni Giacomelli

Chief Innovation Leader

Tangible Results in Weeks!

xiQ is easy to deploy, powerful, and effective. It’s AI-powered, self-learning engine is intuitive and provides unique intent analytics on leads.

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Ozlem Yilmaz

Principal, Financial Services Marketing

Harmonizing Sales and Marketing

There are many tools that offer AI-based functionalities but rarely do you see one that functions so seamlessly across Sales and Marketing.

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