Data Scientist (Generative AI & R&D)

Job Category: Data Science
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Lahore

B2B sales, as we have known it, has changed! Digitization, virtualization, and AI are defining the new era of B2B sales and marketing and causing major disruption. Companies that will embrace the new ways of selling and marketing will realize quantum growth because of their early adoption advantage.

xiQ ( is the next-generation, B2B sales, and marketing, platform that is at the forefront of ushering a new era of sales intelligence, agility, individualization, and hyper-productivity at scale. Powered by AI and combining neuroscience, xiQ provides DISC personality insights, buyer group analysis, real-time sales triggers, company and industry insights, content recommendations to engage prospects, campaign management and execution, and next-generation analytics.

Gartner listed xiQ as the cool Martech solution of the year, and xiQ is in the leader quadrant of’s enterprise Account-based Sales and Marketing category. At xiQ we have created a new category of precision B2B sales and marketing that we call "Personality-Driven Sales and Marketing".

xiQ is looking for Data Scientist (Generative AI & R&D)

Position: 03

Location: Lahore, Pakistan (On-site)


  • Lead strategic planning and prioritization of generative AI and R&D features, including integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into production systems
  • Identify, evaluate, and implement cutting-edge data science and machine learning technologies
  • Effectively communicate strategic decisions to top management, fostering alignment
  • Research, implement, and assess advanced generative AI algorithms, focusing on retrieval-augmented generation for practical applications
  • Train, optimize, and fine-tune generative AI models using diverse datasets and retrieval techniques
  • Develop impactful proof of concept demonstrations showcasing the potential of solving real-world challenges in B2B Sales & Marketing
  • Enhance content retrieval capabilities by leveraging vector databases and advanced data analysis techniques
  • Document research findings, methodologies, and implementations with practical insights
  • Contribute insights and expertise to open-source AI projects, actively engaging with the AI community through conferences and workshops
  • Stay updated with emerging trends, mentor junior team members, and lead internal discussions on integrating LLMs and open-source generative AI models into projects
  • Involve in all R&D tasks within the data science team, driving innovation and continuous improvement
  • Collaborate in backend development using Python and Django, ensuring seamless integration of AI solutions into production systems

Job Requirements:

  • MS in Computer Science/Data Science with thesis
  • Proficiency in Problem solving, Python, Databases, and writing optimized code
  • 1-2 years of professional experience in Machine Learning, NLP, Data Mining & Information Retrieval
  • Experience with search engines like Apache Solr & Elastic Search will be preferred
  • Hands-on Cloud experience (AWS/GCP/Azure) with production deployments
  • Exposure to LLMs in Production (OpenAI Models, Open source LLM models like Falcon, LIama2 etc.) will be preferred

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