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Taking B2B Sales from the W.A.R. Room to the W.I.N. Room

In her recent TEDx talk Jaime Diglio, the Founder and Sales Leadership Coach at inFirst Consulting, introduced a fresh perspective on tackling career, life, and business challenges. She emphasized the importance of establishing an “aim” and “intention” (A.I.) to shift from a negative to a positive winning mindset. Her innovative approach, known as the “WIN Room program,” helps individuals transition from a “WAR Room” (Working Against Results) mindset to a “WIN Room” (What I Need) mindset, enabling them to thrive and achieve success more efficiently.

As an xiQ partner, Jaime Diglio has adapted the WIN Room approach specifically for complex B2B sales. In collaboration with Taylor Carden, AE, they will showcase how the WIN Room leverages xiQ’s AI-powered sales and marketing platform, incorporating ChatGPT, to deliver outstanding sales results:

  • 31% higher open rates
  • 47% higher click-through rates
  • 400% increase in demos
  • 25% higher win rates