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    “We shall never surrender!” – Winston Churchill

    We have to stand up to the global Coronavirus pandemic that is destroying our economies and our will. Businesses have ground to a standstill. Forecasts are being downwardly adjusted. 

    As marketing and sales professionals, we have to do our part to ensure that we don’t go from bad to worse. Preserving sales pipelines and ensuring that business doesn’t dry up tomorrow is the call of today. We have to adapt to the new normal of remote meetings, virtual events, email, and digital marketing. The sooner we adjust the better off we will be. 

    xiQ is proud to sponsor a panel discussion with marketing innovators, visionaries and academics. Watch our webinar to learn next-generation techniques that could save your year and prevent you from going into a nosedive. In this session, we have discussed:

    1. The changing landscape of B2B sales and marketing
    2. How to preserve your budgets and save your company
    3. Where to invest to get maximum Return on Investment (ROI)

    Who should watch this webinar?

    CMOs, B2B Account Managers, ABM & Sales Leaders, Marketing and Sales Professionals MUST watch this webinar. This session is OPEN for All. 

    For more information, email us at [email protected] or call +1 650 815-4015 ext. 700.



    VP Marketing

    XM Cyber

    Jeff Anderson is an unconventional marketing innovator who strives for results over fluff. His experience spans from old-school direct mail, print advertising and telemarketing, to web, ecommerce, programmatic ads, 1:1 email, and ABM.

    Jeff has driven marketing leadership and demand generation for brands including Siebel, Sabre, McAfee, Symantec and now leads marketing at cyber security start-up XM Cyber.


    Director, Professional Sales Institute

    Louisiana State University

    Greg Accardo has over 20 years of business and sales experience. He is currently serving as the Director of the LSU Professional Sales Institute and Department of Marketing.

    Greg has been conducting extensive work developing and executing strategy, acting as the industry liaison, and chief fundraiser. He also manages the LSU Professional Sales Institute budgets, oversees internships and placements, and coaches the university sales team.


    Founder & CEO

    xiQ, Inc.

    Usman Sheikh is Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based xiQ, Inc. a next-generation, AI-powered, SaaS platform for B2B Sales and Marketing.

    Prior to founding xiQ, Usman served as Vice President with SAP, SE, where he held leadership positions in Product Management, Sales Enablement and Digital Commerce, globally. He left SAP to pursue his passion of using AI on the intersection of B2B Sales and Marketing.