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Personality-driven Selling Webinar Series: The Next-Generation of Precision B2B Sales & Marketing

B2B Sales: How AI and Psychology Combine to Drive 24% Higher Win Rates

The old way of selling with lead qualification, cold calls, and unwanted sales demos, is dead.

Today, successful B2B sales leaders know it is about connecting, engaging, and educating at an individual level. To win the trust of your buyer, you have to think like your buyer.

In this webinar, CEO and Founder, Usman Sheikh, discusses the rapid shift to personality-driven B2B sales and marketing and how AI and neuroscience combined yields a new capability to accelerate sales. Don't miss this 30-min session!

Key Takeaways
  • How AI combined with neuroscience is driving Personality-driven engagement
  • Examples of large enterprises using personality-driven sales to accelerate win rate by 24%
  • Key metrics for 'next-generation' selling


Usman Sheikh

Founder & CEO, xiQ, Inc.

Leela Gill

Chief Marketing Officer, xiQ, Inc.



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