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    While Account-Based Marketing (ABM) promises to increase client engagement and deliver customized buyer experiences, it has not been able to address personalization at scale. It is a challenge to convert data into insights and insights into action in order to deliver a truly unique 1:1 experience. With the introduction of AI, we now have the ability to source massive quantities of data and convert it into actionable insights to scale 1:1 engagement and accelerate ABM.

    In this webinar, you will discover how AI is used to:

    • Develop intelligent marketing campaigns in record time
    • Drive personalization and client engagement
    • Generate 10x more qualified leads
    • Build trusted 1:1 relationships with buyers

    Who should watch this webinar?

    CMOs, B2B Strategic Sellers, ABM leaders, Marketing professionals

    About the presenter

    Usman Sheikh

    Usman Sheikh

    Usman Sheikh is Founder and CEO of silicon valley based xiQ, Inc. a next-generation, AI-powered, SaaS platform for B2B sales and marketing. Companies using xiQ include: AWS, Accenture, Nutanix, Symantec, Autodesk, Salesforce, Genpact and many more. 

    Prior to founding xiQ, Usman served as Vice President with SAP, SE, where he held leadership positions in Product Management, Sales Enablement and Digital Commerce globally. While at SAP, Usman learned the nuances of developing, selling and deploying large scale, enterprise-class B2B systems. He left SAP to pursue his passion of developing next-generation technologies using AI on the intersection of B2B Sales and Marketing.