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    2021 represents the dawn of a new age of B2B sales and marketing.

    B2B sales and marketing has irreversibly changed. Major forces driving the change:

    • Cancelled in-person meetings
    • 70% increase in digital B2B sales and marketing
    • AI – Augmented Intelligence

    xiQ, the award-winning AI powered B2B Sales and Marketing platform, is at the forefront of redefining the future of B2B.

    In this webinar, an esteemed panel of B2B leaders and visionaries discuss the:

    • Forces driving the transformation of B2B
    • Role AI is playing in reinventing the future
    • Emerging face of B2B sellers and marketers

    Who should watch this webinar?

    Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Chief Revenue Officers (CROs), Account Executives, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) practitioners, Sales and Marketing Leaders MUST watch this webinar.

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    About the presenter

    Usman Sheikh

    Usman Sheikh

    Founder & CEO

    xiQ, Inc.

    Usman Sheikh is Founder and CEO of silicon valley based xiQ, Inc. a next-generation, AI-powered, SaaS platform for B2B sales and marketing.

    Prior to founding xiQ, Usman served as Vice President with SAP, SE, where he held leadership positions in Product Management, Sales Enablement and Digital Commerce globally. While at SAP, Usman learned the nuances of developing, selling and deploying large scale, enterprise-class B2B systems. He left SAP to pursue his passion of developing next-generation technologies using AI on the intersection of B2B Sales and Marketing.