We started xiQ to help the rest of the sales org consistently perform like the top 3% do every day

Our story

The best sales reps are not born into the President’s club. They earn their way there. They follow a process. They build relationships. They study and research the clients’ business and deeply understand the pain points. They become trusted advisors.

Usman Sheikh recognized this when he was leading product and sales enablement teams at SAP and asked himself - why do only 3% of sales reps achieve “platinum” status? What was failing in the sales process?

As a natural born change agent, he wanted to tackle this problem head-on.

XIQ About Section

He observed that sales and marketing were not aligned, and that leads coming in from marketing were not actioned. He saw that sales reps did not have the time to do in-depth research, and that they were not connecting deeply enough to understand the personal motivations of their buyers.

So, he set out to apply his design thinking to solve this situation – and xiQ was born.

A proprietary platform that combines neuroscience, psychology, and AI to understand the buyers’ mindset and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

xiQ’s Personality-Driven Sales and Marketing platform enables sales to focus on the most important part of the buying process – the buyer.

Usman Sheikh Founder & CEO, xiQ, Inc.

Usman Sheikh

Usman Sheikh

CEO, Founder

An innovative thinker, Usman is a motivating go-getter with a straightforward approach to communication.

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