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Our ABM Platform Empowers B2B Professionals with the Best Sales and Marketing Solutions

Leading the way in B2B innovation, xiQ's ABM platform offers unmatched sales and marketing expertise providing profound insights that redefine strategies and drive exceptional achievements

Identify Your

Target Audience

Focusing marketing efforts on the right audience yields dramatically improved and quicker results. xiQ’s AI analyzes your list of prospects, associating each person with a specific personality type, 1st-party intent data, and their topics of interest. This enables you to redirect your targeting with razor-sharp focus.

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Think Like

Your Buyers

Understanding the psyche of your buyers and connecting with them on an emotional level are key to winning big. xiQ’s AI-generated personality insights help you grasp the mindset of your buyers and provide recommendations on how to market and sell to them. Appeal to your audience with personalized campaigns.

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Thought Leadership

xiQ’s SmartSourced ContentTM engine curates content that is contextually relevant, matching the personality type and interests of each recipient. Boost the relevance and value of your own collateral by integrating it with syndicated third-party thought leadership content and establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

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xiQ is the next generation of precision in Account-Based Marketing. We shift the focus from broad personas to distinct personality types, from automation to AI, and from personalization to individualization. Execute tailor-made 1:1 campaigns that address the unique needs and preferences of every buyer.

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Make 1:Many

Feel Like 1:1

xiQ's AI enables personalized content matching and intent-driven campaigns across the buying process. Start with industry thought leadership campaigns, develop intent-data-driven company campaigns, and fine-tune for one-to-one engagement - all from a single generative AI-powered ABM platform.

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