We started xiQ to help the rest of the sales org consistently perform like the top 3% do every day


Winner: ABX Leader 2023

xiQ has won the G2 Leader Award for ABX, showcasing its remarkable customer-centric approach and profound transformative impact on the B2B industry. This achievement firmly establishes xiQ as a pioneer, delivering exceptional experiences and driving innovation in the B2B landscape.

Source: G2 Summer 2023 Reports

Winner: Best Use of Martech for Demand Generation 2022

“Personality-driven marketing platform xiQ, Inc. nabbed ‘Best use of Martech for demand generation’ for their work with Dell Technologies. It’s safe to say that driving millions in pipeline and 2x sales win rates for one of the biggest household names stood out to the judges.”

- Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief, B2B Marketing

Source: B2B Marketing
Gartner award

Winner: Gartner Cool Vendor 2021

“xiQ is cool because it enables marketers to add a level of personalization into their ABM programs, based on personality analysis, in addition to the traditional account and persona-level personalization.”

- Vice President, Analyst, Christy Ferguson

Source: Gartner

CMI Highest Subscriber Growth Award 2020

xiQ garnered the highest number of subscribers in record times! Using xiQ Workbench, our client developed personalized campaigns and drove thought leadership in less than an hour and increased their subscription rate by 270%

Source: Content Marketing Institute

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