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Conversational genius simplifies complex sales, accelerates sales cycle, saves hours of research time, and helps close more deals faster

Insightful Sales Acceleration

Dynamic Tagging

Unlock rapid, informed sales strategies with xiQ's Gilroy. Simply enter a prospect's or company's name for instant, comprehensive insights. Save hours of research time and propel your sales success effortlessly. Experience the power of unified data analysis, transforming your sales approach into a smarter, more efficient process.

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Simplified User Interaction

Conversational Interface

Gilroy offers a seamless conversational interface that requires no complex prompts or jargon. You can seamlessly enter your inputs, and Gilroy will efficiently process and respond with precision. Its advanced AI ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience for all interactions, enhancing user satisfaction and convenience.

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Up-to-the-Minute Research

Prompt Library

Gilroy offers a library of customized prompts for efficient research and varied interactions with prospects and accounts. Its dynamic, intelligent prompts evolve with your interaction patterns, fine-tuning each search to extract relevant information tailored to your specific needs. This ensures a more streamlined and better research outcomes.

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Smart Outreach

AI-Crafted Highly Personalized Emails

Tired of sending dull, generic emails that go unanswered? Discover Gilroy, our AI-powered Sales Assistant. Craft highly personalized emails that resonate with your buyers, boosting engagement by up to 10x. Say goodbye to wasted time, missed opportunities, and unwanted stress. Rediscover your passion for selling and bring the smile back to sales. 

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Elevate Your Marketing Collateral

AI-Content Crafting

Using xiQ's updated corpus and Document Hub, Gilroy crafts value-centric content such as blogs and social media posts. The Document Hub enables easy uploading of marketing materials, ensuring Gilroy accesses the most current, corporate-approved collateral. This enhances content quality, transitioning from generic to exceptional marketing assets.

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