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B2B Sales and Marketing Platform Infused with Behavioral Insights at Every Touchpoint

xiQ transforms B2B engagements, embedding behavioral insights at each step to craft personalized strategies that resonate with prospects to maximize impact

Whether conducting research, preparing for a call, or crafting outreach, our personality-based AI helps you engage prospects and close deals faster.

xiQ’s platform supports the entire revenue organization with full-circle sales and marketing insights, strategies, and execution throughout the entire sales cycle.

One Sales Enablement and Engagement


xiQ combines neuroscience, AI, design-thinking, sales, marketing, and data science to radically transform and accelerate the B2B sales cycle. By consolidating sales enablement and engagement into a single, intuitive, easy-to-use platform, we reduce the total cost of ownership and enhance personalization and responsiveness.


Complete focus on delivering rapid Return on Investment

Experience the top-line growth in your gross sales and revenues with a complete Sales Enablement Platform that ensures Rapid ROI.


Full alignment of Sales and Marketing proponents

xiQ is a Customer Engagement Lifecycle Platform that integrates all the sales and marketing processes in one place, one platform.


User Interface Designed with Human Centric Elements

xiQ has been designed from the ground up with easy-to-understand user interface, ensuring a great user experience for the customers.

Customer Engagement


We have a customer-first philosophy and platform. By consolidating essential B2B sales and marketing solutions into a single platform, we foster collaboration between sales and marketing teams, supporting the entire customer engagement lifecycle. Our approach strengthens team unity and customer connections.

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Sales XeleratorTM

Understand the personality behind the profile, access all relevant account information at your fingertips, and receive the most pertinent, sales-provoking news and social feeds exactly when you need them. Capitalize on opportunities the moment they appear, before anyone else does.

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Customer Journey


Visualize the complete customer journey, score each touchpoint, and analyze 1st-party intent breadcrumbs to gain a comprehensive view. Pre-empt every move and tailor your actions to meet the customer where they are. Implement targeted strategies for dynamic, customer-centric engagement.

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Go Beyond the

Persona with xiQ

We sell to people, not accounts. xiQ employs proven behavioral science and AI to understand the personal behaviors and motivations driving buyers' decisions. Personas are generic personalities that are unique. Gain a competitive edge with xiQ's proprietary personality-based AI.

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Understand Why

They Engage

Our analytics don't just measure the 'what'; they also capture the 'why'. This allows you to source and distribute content that resonates and reduce what doesn't. xiQ helps you understand why certain content resonates, whether it's based on personality, individual preference, or at a group or company level.

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We're 100% Mobile, So

No Excuses

Salespeople are no longer confined to traditional offices. Sales today are virtual, mobile, and 24x7. xiQ is 100% mobile and ubiquitous. Be the first to respond to breaking news and never be blindsided by deal-changing events. Stay ahead with xiQ's mobile platform, ensuring continuous connectivity and real-time responsiveness.

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