xiQ Awards

  • Recognized as 2020 ABM High Performer

    xiQ has been recognized as a High Performer amongst all ABM solutions reviewed on G2. xiQ re-envisions the B2B buyer’s journey through an AI lens and brings to life a platform that is intuitive, practical and drives intelligent personalization. It’s good to be recognized by the people that really count – xiQ’s users.
  • No.1 for Account-Based Marketing Customer Satisfaction – ABM Journal

    xiQ receives the most 5-star reviews and marks it’s emerging market leadership position – sales and marketing professionals are using xiQ to influence the buyer’s journey, drive up client engagement and leverage account insights that result in higher engagement, better win rates, faster sales cycles, and larger deals.
  • Best Integration for
    Mobile Device

    xiQ, Inc. received the 2016 Content Marketing Award for Best Integration of Mobile Devices in a Content Marketing Program from the prestigious Content Marketing Institute (CMI).
  • Top Solutiuons For Sales Intelligence

    xiQ selected ‘Top Solution for Sales Intelligence’ by VentureBeat.
    By enabling 1:1 personalization and providing DISC personality insights, xiQ helps sales reps outsell competitors, and grows and reinforce relationships sales reps have worked hard to create in the initial sale.
  • Top Solutiuons
    For Sales Intelligence

    Designed for B2B sales and marekting professionals, xiQ combines Artificial xiQ selected ‘Top Solution for Sales Intelligence’ by VentureBeat
  • Sales Intelligence

    Recognized by customer validation – xiQ’s impact in delivering sales intelligence is an imperative for sales executives – not just for account insights but also for redefining effective customer engagement that results in better win rates, faster sales cycles and larger deals.
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