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Our awards symbolize xiQ's leadership and innovation in AI-driven sales and marketing


The "High Performer Americas 2024" award by G2 recognizes xiQ for its exceptional performance in the American market. xiQ's innovative AI-driven platform, delivering personalized marketing and sales insights, has significantly impacted customer engagement and business growth, earning high user satisfaction and strong market presence.

xiQ earned the "Enterprise High Performer Americas 2024" award from G2, distinguishing itself in the enterprise sector across the Americas. This accolade underscores xiQ's effectiveness in offering insightful analytics and marketing solutions that resonate with large-scale corporate users, enhancing their strategic capabilities.

The "High Performer Enterprise 2024" award from G2 highlights xiQ's excellence in the enterprise segment. This recognition underscores xiQ's capability to provide AI-powered insights and analytics tailored for large organizations, enhancing their marketing strategies and business intelligence with its innovative and effective solutions.

xiQ has been acknowledged by G2 for its exceptional user-friendliness and customer-centric approach. This accolade reflects xiQ's commitment to providing a seamless, efficient experience, making complex business intelligence tasks more accessible and manageable for users.

Recognized as a High Performer in Winter 2024, xiQ excels in transforming both B2B sales and marketing efforts. By equipping professionals with AI-powered insights, xiQ aids in closing deals faster and crafting effective marketing strategies, leading to more efficient and successful customer engagements.

Receiving the 'Users Love Us' accolade from G2, xiQ shows its strong rapport with users. This recognition highlights the platform's success in creating a positive, impactful user experience, indicative of xiQ's commitment to excellence and innovation. It underscores the platform's ability to meet evolving market demands while maintaining high user satisfaction.

The Leader Enterprise Summer 2023 award for xiQ marks a significant achievement, showcasing its leading role in the enterprise market. xiQ's success is attributed to its ability to cater to complex business needs with its AI-driven solutions, driving enhanced efficiency and strategic decision-making in organizations.

xiQ wins G2's High Performer Enterprise Summer 2023 award, signifying its effectiveness in the enterprise domain. The platform excels in delivering AI-powered solutions tailored to enterprise challenges, boosting operational efficiency and achieving strategic goals for its customers.

xiQ wins the High Performer Enterprise Fall 2023 award, solidifying its status in the enterprise market. xiQ's proficiency in delivering AI-powered, customer-centric solutions plays a pivotal role in empowering large organizations, optimizing their operations and driving strategic decision-making.

G2 acknowledges xiQ with the Enterprise High Performer Americas Fall 2023 award, highlighting its substantial impact in the enterprise market across the Americas. This award reflects xiQ's excellence in delivering advanced AI-powered solutions that drive significant business success in this sector.

G2 acknowledges xiQ with the Enterprise High Performer Americas Fall 2023 award, highlighting its substantial impact in the enterprise market across the Americas. This award reflects xiQ's excellence in delivering advanced AI-powered solutions that drive significant business success in this sector.

G2 has recognized xiQ's significant impact on B2B sales as a High Performer in Sales Intelligence. xiQ empowers sales reps with comprehensive buyer behavior insights, enabling them to develop personalized strategies for higher conversion rates. This acknowledgment underscores xiQ's dedication to driving sales success through its advanced and tailored solutions.

xiQ has secured the High Performer recognition in the Marketing Intelligence category by G2, underscoring its commitment to solving industry challenges and revolutionizing B2B marketing practices. This accomplishment showcases xiQ's dedication to innovation and its profound influence on reshaping the marketing landscape for the better.

xiQ has achieved the High Performer Award in Marketing Analytics from G2, affirming its innovative approach and ability to provide impactful analytics solutions. This recognition emphasizes xiQ's commitment to empowering data-driven marketing strategies with valuable insights, cementing its industry leadership.


Best Use of Martech for Demand Generation 2022

Personality-driven marketing platform xiQ, Inc. nabbed ‘Best use of Martech for demand generation’ for their work with Dell Technologies. It’s safe to say that driving millions in pipeline and 2x sales win rates for one of the biggest household names stood out to the judges.

xiQ Inc. recognized as a Leader in G2 Enterprise ABM Category. The G2 Grid® Report is based on real user ratings and reveals which solutions have the most satisfied customers in the Enterprise Market Segment. xiQ Inc. is a proud partner of multiple industry leaders.


Gartner Cool Vendor Award 2021

xiQ has been named a Cool Vendor for Marketing Tech 2021 by Gartner. xiQ is cool because it empowers marketers to drive exponential sales growth through individualized ABM programs and sales intelligence solutions.

G2 recognized xiQ for its outstanding contribution to accelerate B2B sales and marketing. xiQ empower sales representatives to understand buyer behavior and create individualized strategies that yield higher conversions.

xiQ is a proud partner of industry leaders like Dell, Nutanix, AWS, and Xilinx. The uptake of xiQ's next-generation tools among industry giants has resulted in higher engagement, faster sales cycles, and higher win rates.

xiQ is the next-generation marketing solution for mid-tier B2B companies and small-scale operations. xiQ leverages AI, neuroscience, and psychology to enable marketers to develop trusted relationships with buyers.

xiQ got recognized as a High Performer by G2 in the ABM category, surpassing many leading names in the B2B industry. We are on a way to solving bigger challenges that positively impact the way B2B sales and marketing are conducted CEO xiQ.


Best B2B Content of 2020

xiQ’s ‘New Age of B2B Marketing – Innovate or Die’ wins the Best Content award. xiQ highlights the vulnerability faced by Field Marketers in the post-pandemic landscape and proposes next-generation solutions to overcome it.

xiQ wins the G2 recognition for Account-Based Web & Content Experiences (ABM) and Sales Intelligence. xiQ’s closed loop sales and marketing platform leverages AI to enable Account-Based Experience (ABX) which supports the end-to-end Customer Engagement Lifecycle.


CMI Highest Subscriber Growth Award

xiQ garnered the highest number of subscribers in record times! Using xiQ Workbench, our client developed personalized campaigns and drove thought leadership in less than an hour and increased their subscription rate by 270%

xiQ recognized as a High Performer for spring and summer 2020. This award echoes the real voice of the customers as they drive value from xiQ’s cutting edge tools for Account-Based Marketing and Sales Intelligence solutions.

High Performer Enterprise- Summer 2020

xiQ’s adoption among giants like Dell, Nutanix, AWS and Xilinx is a testament to its visionary solutions catered to large B2B businesses. These solutions have resulted in a faster time to market and achieving ROI within weeks.

xiQ recognized for its vibrant customer support for summer 2020. xiQ’s proprietary solutions feature an easy-to-use interface augmented by a readily available client success management for an overall seamless user experience.

Our proprietary solutions especially xiQ app and DISC personality insights elevate mid-tier B2B companies and small-scale operations alike. xiQ helps sales reps win by building their personal brand in as little as 3 minutes!

G2 recognized xiQ as a Momentum Leader for summer 2020. This recognition is purely based on the quality, value-driving social, web, employee, and review data that G2 has deemed influential in building a company’s momentum.

xiQ has been recognized as a High Performer amongst ABM solutions for re-envisioning the B2B buyer’s journey through an AI lens and bringing to life an intuitive and practical platform that drives intelligent personalization.


No.1 Account-Based Marketing Customer Satisfaction-ABM Journal

xiQ receives the most 5-star reviews for empowering sales and marketing reps to influence the buyer’s journey, drive up engagement, and leverage account insights for higher win rates, larger deals, and faster sales cycles.


CMI ‘Best Integration for Mobile Device’ Award

xiQ received the Content Marketing Award for Best Integration of Mobile Devices. With xiQ, marketers can leverage real-time market insights to conduct intelligent personalization and develop trusted relationships with buyers.


B2B Marketing Zone ‘Best Thought Leadership Content’ Award

xiQ’s thought leadership pieces gain traction, reaching established networks of marketing professionals around the globe. xiQ humanizes B2B and consolidates sales and marketing processes to better engage buyers and sell faster.


Venture Beat ‘Top Solution for Sales Intelligence’ Award

xiQ selected as ‘Top Solution for Sales Intelligence’ by VentureBeat. xiQ enables 1:1 personalization and provides DISC personality insights to enable sales reps outsell competitors, and grow trusted relationships with buyers.

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