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Sales XeleratorTM Transforms Selling with Industry-Leading Personality and Actionable Insights

Elevate your sales acumen and sell smarter with xiQ's Sales Xelerator's groundbreaking insights to personalize your strategies for unparalleled success

Generative AI-powered Sales Assistant


Gilroy is xiQ's generative AI-powered sales and marketing assistant. He conducts strategic account analysis, gathers sales insights, and helps you prepare for meetings. Gilroy also crafts highly personalized emails, enhancing engagement and responses by up to 10x. Rediscover your passion for selling with Gilroy.

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Understand the Specific Needs of Your Account

SWOT Analysis

Unlock your sales potential with xiQ's real-time SWOT Analysis and Pain Points. Gain insights into your prospects' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and obstacles. Use xiQ's SWOT Analysis and Pain Points to customize your approach, foster meaningful connections, and drive sales and revenue growth.

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Sell the Way Your
Buyers Think

DISC Insights

xiQ combines neuroscience, psychology, and AI to predict your prospects' DISC personality insights. By understanding the mindset of your buyers, you can tailor sales and marketing strategies for each phase of their buying process, increasing personalization and the likelihood of winning more deals.

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1:1 Strategy to Win Over the Decision Makers

Sales Alignment

xiQ's Sales Alignment recommends a 1:1 strategy for engaging and winning over each buyer. Instantly gauge how well your personality aligns with your buyers, determining the potential for relationship building on an individual level. Access effective tips, tactics, and strategies for successful sales interactions with your prospects.

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Build Consensus

Buyer Relationship ManagementTM(BRM)

B2B purchasing decisions are made by buying committees, not individuals. Winning deals depends on influencing these members. xiQ’s BRMTM categorizes prospects as “Doers,” “Coaches,” and “Blockers” based on their decision-making styles, enabling sales teams to tailor their strategies for each committee member effectively.

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Gain Real-time
Situational Awareness

Sales Triggers

xiQ combines real-time alerts, breaking news, and curated industry insights to empower sales teams with timely updates for prospects, enhancing social selling. This approach positions sales reps as trusted advisors, fostering meaningful conversations and building trust with decision-makers throughout the sales cycle.

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Drive Adoption
Through Gamification

Sales Sigma

xiQ's Sales XeleratorTM enhances user experience with gamification, spurring competition among sales teams. This human-centric approach keeps sales reps motivated and engaged. By blending playful elements with business goals, it boosts enthusiasm, leading to consistent performance and team collaboration.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cost Consolidation

xiQ is a unified SaaS platform that streamlines collaboration for sales and marketing teams. It consolidates prospecting, buyer insight, buyer groups, real-time sales alerts, and audience engagement all within a single platform. This integration reduces the Total Cost of Operations.

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