Marc Wintz

Chief Marketing officer, i2c Inc

Differentiation And Disruption Is Our Focus

Establishing Continuous Thought Leadership

As a leader in the rapidly evolving payments industry, i2c is always seeking new ways to differentiate and disrupt. We earn the trust and respect of the industry by being two steps ahead of the trends and the competition. xiQ helps us establish our position as thought leaders and innovators by helping us curate and publish the most relevant news in the payments industry letting us show off our domain expertise.

Inside Payments, powered by xiQ, is a global news publication for the payments industry. It allows us to maintain a continual thought leadership position with key prospects and customers. xiQ helps us keep differentiated in the market while gaining new subscribers that we can convert into customers.

Ahmed Mazhari

Chief Growth Officer, Genpact

Driving Personalized Selling at Scale

More Intelligent and Agile

Our challenge was to enable our global salesforce and leadership with insights about their customers, prospects and the industry.

xiQ is the sales intelligence platform that feeds insights to 400 members of Genpact’s sales, marketing and leaderships teams. It let’s us see everything. Our teams are more intelligent and agile and don’t waste valuable time researching. Instead they can focus on engaging customers and prospects.

xiQ’s Personality Analysis tool allows us to prepare for customer meetings and develop lasting relationships. The xiQ app serves as the one-stop-shop for all our informatio nal needs. The xiQ Curation Workbench provides industry level insights so our teams are never caught blind-sided.

Cathy Martin

Regional Marketing Manager, QuEST Global

Nameste – Account-Based Marketing and Selling!

Bold Ambitions Require Massive Actions!

At Quest Global we derive our differentiation by placing our customers at the center of everything we do and custom tailoring complex engineering solutions for them. This places an extraordinary burden on our sales and marketing teams.

xiQ helps us maintain the yin and yang of enterprise sales and marketing. On the one hand we use xiQ’s app to keep our sales teams aware about their sales prospects and the industry. On the other hand xiQ lets us curate and share thought leadership with our clients and prospects.

xiQ lets us earn the trust by showcasing our intellect.

Sales and marketing both win but most importantly our customers come out on top!

Michael J. Danaher

Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati

Empowering Legal Professionals with XIQ

Knowledge is Power!

At Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati we pride ourselves for providing cutting edge legal services to technology, life sciences, and growth enterprises worldwide. Proactively addressing the emerging legal challenges faced by our highly innovative clients is our core business.

xiQ helps our attorneys stay ahead of the curve by providing curated content on key topics that matter most to our clients. Latest news about Autonomous Autos, Internet of Things, AI and the inside scoop on Silicon Valley are just a few example of how xiQ helps WSGR stay ahead of the trends and developments in the industry.

Daily updates from xiQ keep us informed and alert us of emerging challenges we should be prepared to address.

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