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xiQ's WorkbenchTM Organizes Content, Drives Personalization and Increases Engagement

Transform your approach to content with xiQ's Workbench, designed to streamline content curation for greater personalization and audience engagement

Personalization at Scale

1:Many Emails

Say goodbye to generic mass emails. xiQ's AI-powered 1:Many Email analyzes user behaviors and preferences to create content uniquely tailored to each prospect's DISC personality type, even for large audiences. This approach results in messages that deeply resonate with your prospects, yielding a 10x rise in engagement rates.

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Precision Meets Automation

Outreach Workflows

xiQ's workflow automation streamlines the outreach process, minimizing manual effort and maximizing impact. By seamlessly integrating triggers and conditions, it allows you to nurture your audience based on their actions, guiding them through a tailored buyer journey.

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Winning the
Attention Wars

SmartSourced ContentTM

As the focus shifts to virtual selling, buyers are spending less than 5% of their time with sellers. Digital marketing costs have doubled. xiQ identifies the most relevant content that gets the attention of buyers, driving increased win rates. With xiQ's AI-powered insights, build lasting connections with prospects.

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Position Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

First-Party Intent-Data

Get insights into the content and creatives your buyers are interested in, and discover what they are discussing before they even enter your funnel. Secure the attention of your buyers by sending meaningful, relevant content in a format that engages them, establishing you as a Subject Matter Expert.

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Share Content Tailored to Audience

Dynamic Audience Matching

xiQ's AI analyzes your audience lists to find the most relevant and interesting content based on the topics they are interested in, and matches the right audience for your campaigns. This ensures that your marketing efforts are both targeted and impactful, generating better results for your outreach.

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Measure Engagement Across Buyer's Journey


Track and analyze every interaction your buyer has with your marketing collateral and campaigns throughout the buyer’s journey. Tailor engagement strategies and tactics based on their activity and interests. This approach ensures that you're consistently delivering relevant value to your buyers.

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Expand and Orchestrate Your Outreach

Content Explorer

xiQ is a one-stop hub for all your content marketing needs. Start your day with a personalized news channel tailored to the industries you serve, the relationships you nurture, and the customers and prospects you engage. You will never run out of content to share with your audience.

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Qualify High-Priority Leads

Engagement Score

Automatically rank and qualify your leads based on their engagement with your marketing campaigns. Distinguish between value-generating leads and those that may clog your sales pipeline. This allows you to optimize your efforts, focusing on prospects with the highest potential for conversion.

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Design Newsletters and Digests

Content Curation

Build, schedule, and track email campaigns. Choose from hundreds of email templates or use our email Design Studio to create beautiful, accessible, and responsive emails in minutes. Easily drag and drop articles into your email editor or save them for future use, streamlining your email marketing efforts.

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