Yes seriously! That may sound as ridiculous as the thousands of sales initiatives stuck in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) quagmire. xiQ offers a different and more direct route to personalizing B2B Sales and Demand Generation. Our simple but effective approach to personalized B2B sales focuses on equipping sales teams with:
  1. Personality Insights to get to know people better
  2. Real-time Company Insights to keep aware of developments at the company level
  3. Corporate Collateral to use anytime from anywhere

Up your sales teams account IQ

Sellers are hungry for information that can give them a leg up on competition. xiQ drives Account-based Selling by providing real-time information about the people, companies and industries. Sales teams can access, 24 x 7,:
  • Personality analysis

    Buyers buy from people who understand them and their business. xiQ uses AI to analyze digital personas and presents intelligent insights and recommendations on how best to engage with that person.
  • Company insights

    Information overload is blindsiding sales. xiQ collects and filters the most relevant news. Real-time alerts keep you up-to-date with breaking news and events. Sales teams spend less time researching and more time engaging with customers and prospects.
  • Corporate collateral

    Sellers miss opportunities because they are slow to react to market events xiQ provides access to collateral to use in active sales cycles at the right time, anytime. Whether it’s white papers, product literature, VITO letters… you can access all through your xiQ app.

Results of personalizing sales

  • Less Clutter More Actionable Intelligence
  • 40% Higher Contract Values,
  • 84% Improved Customer Experience

Get started – it’s really easy!

Download xiQ for your iPhone or Android
  • Sign up
  • Select the companies you’d like to track (or enter the code provided by your Admin).
  • You will be greeted by the Digest screen which is your real-time news source on the companies you have selected, their executives and social media.
  • SEARCH for people by name and xiQ’s extended search will present the personality analysis and recommendations.


Usman Sheikh

Founder and CEO

xiQ, Inc.

Usman Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of xiQ, Inc. Prior to founding xiQ, Usman was a Vice President with SAP, SE where he had first-hand experience with ABM and B2B Sales. Usman has worked in over 40 countries and lived in Singapore, Germany, and the United States. Currently, he resides in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area.