Yesterday I was showing a detailed personality analysis generated by xiQ’s AI enabled engine to one of my prospects. “This is Creepy”! he said, upon reading his own profile. However, his other colleagues very amazed and excited about the ability to gauge the personality traits and recommendations on how to engage with people. They saw this as a KILLER App. My profile:
xiQ’s Personality Analysis tool ( uses AI to analyze the personalities and working styles of people. Look up your prospects, clients or just about anyone and xiQ will provide an in-depth personality analysis and recommendations on how to engage with them. Our logic: People do business with the people they know. xiQ lets you stand out from your competition by helping you get to know more about your clients and prospects and win more deals. Download the app and check for yourself: | Sign Up | Search for People by Name | View their Personality Profiles in Real-time. Would love to hear from you all.