Productivity in the B2B industry did not suffer during the recent pandemic. As a matter of fact, productivity went up 10-fold in many instances. The reason that most B2B companies were able to ride out the storm reasonably unscathed, and some actually prospered, is the prevalence of digital and virtual technologies that were already in place and allowed people to work remotely.

B2B sales is also experiencing a productivity and economic boom driven by innovations in digital and smart technologies. B2B sales and marketing, as we have known it, has irreversibly changed – and for the better. Sales pitches that were previously conducted through in-person meetings are now delivered virtually. The post-pandemic economic boom promises radical shifts in productivity. For example, with new virtual and smart technologies in place, B2B sales reps increased their out-bound call rate by as much as 10 times!

Listen to Fareed Zakariya talk about the role innovation is playing in rebooting and boosting the post pandemic economy to record growth. He discusses how sales productivity has gone up 10x!

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Usman Sheikh

Founder and CEO

xiQ, Inc.

Usman Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of xiQ, Inc. Prior to founding xiQ, Usman was a Vice President with SAP, SE where he had first-hand experience with ABM and B2B Sales. Usman has worked in over 40 countries and lived in Singapore, Germany, and the United States. Currently, he resides in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area.