Does your marketing budget allow for game changing solutions?

The old adage goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Similarly, you can’t use outdated sales and marketing tactics and technologies to conduct next generation Account-Based Marketing. 

B2B Marketing is transforming from Lead Generation to Account-Based Marketing. ABM requires a whole new set of tools and techniques that need to be harmoniously utilized by both sales and marketing. Key tenets of successful ABM are:

  • Extreme personalization
  • Fresh content for frequent client engagement
  • Real-time insights about people, companies, and industries
  • Analytics to qualify prospects and gauge their intent

Current martech stacks pre-date ABM

Traditional CRM, Content Management Systems (CMS) and Marketing Automation platforms are antiquated and fragmented, predating ABM by at least a decade. Integrating disparate B2B systems is not only expensive, in terms of time and dollars, it also doesn’t yield the results expected from ABM. 

Starting with outdated, clumsy systems delays the impact and ROI from ABM by months if not years.

Current martech stacks pre-date Artificial Intelligence

AI is playing an increasingly disruptive role in B2B marketing and ABM. AI offers unprecedented advantages by:

  • Helping uncover engaging content to increase client engagement,
  • Invoking behavioral science to predict personality insights and personalize every client interaction,
  • Leveraging data science to qualify prospects and identifying when and who to engage.

AI cannot be ignored!

Allocate budget for game changing solutions

Marketing technologies i.e. CRM, CMS, and Marketing Automation, account for one-third of marketing’s budget (29%). In the context of ABM, these systems don’t add incremental value by providing actionable insight or content that accelerates engagement.  In other words, one-third of the marketing budget is pledged to maintain the status quo. 

To achieve breakthrough results, in meaningful timelines, marketing needs to invest in game-changing technologies that enable and accelerate ABM.


xiQ – The game changer for ABM

xiQ’s AI-enabled B2B sales and marketing platform is designed from the ground up for ABM. xiQ incorporates three next-generation capabilities 1) Artificial Intelligence, 2) Mobile Technology and 3) Design Thinking to equip B2B sellers with insights and intelligence that accelerate ABM. 

xiQ brings a vast array of disruptive features, consolidated under one banner to accelerate not just your ABM strategy, but also provide a significantly higher return on investment in shorter time spans. xiQ offers:

  • Content for campaigns and client engagement. xiQ generated campaigns deliver 10x higher client engagement.
  • AI generated personality analysis to custom tailor and personalize engagement.
  • Real-time account insights, in one location, so you spend less time researching and are never caught off guard.
  • A SaaS platform that will get ABM off the ground right away.

xiQ co-exists with the leading CRM and Market Automation systems and increases sales by 10-40% within 12 months.

xiQ - A Game Changer


Usman Sheikh

Founder and CEO

xiQ, Inc.

Usman Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of xiQ, Inc. Prior to founding xiQ, Usman was a Vice President with SAP, SE where he had first-hand experience with ABM and B2B Sales. Usman has worked in over 40 countries and lived in Singapore, Germany, and the United States. Currently, he resides in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area.