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How Gilroy, xiQ’s AI-Powered Sales and Marketing Assistant Helps You Achieve Higher Win Rates

Gilroy is xiQ's generative AI-powered sales and marketing assistant that helps in strategic account analysis, sales insights, and meeting preparation. It also composes personalized emails and social media posts that resonate with prospects, fostering authentic and meaningful connections.

Conversational Interface

Gilroy offers a seamless conversational interface that requires no complex prompts or jargon. Designed for intuitive use, it simplifies interactions, making it accessible to sellers and marketers of all backgrounds. Its advanced natural language processing capabilities ensure that it understands and responds accurately to a wide range of queries.

No Information

Gilroy efficiently combs through information, providing you with precise and relevant details about your prospects and accounts. Using xiQ’s corpus, it sifts through vast amounts of data to identify key insights and patterns, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Gilroy provides customized prompts for efficient research and informed interactions across various prospects and accounts. It features a comprehensive prompt library, containing a collection of prompts that cater to day-to-day selling, market research, and customer engagement needs.

Spend More Time Selling

Gilroy accelerates sales cycles, saves hours of research time, and helps close more deals faster. This efficiency allows sales professionals to focus more on actual selling rather than getting bogged down in extensive research.

Boost Sales Performance

Gilroy empowers salespeople to achieve a 12x increase in booked demos, a 30% increase in pipeline, and 38% rise in win rates. This leads to more successful conversions and a stronger pipeline, ultimately contributing to a substantial rise in overall sales success and revenue growth.

Rediscover Work Life Balance

Gilroy supports salespeople in achieving work-life balance by eliminating stress, saving time, and maximizing productivity. It streamlines the sales process, reducing the hours spent on mundane tasks and research.