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Sell Like Your Buyers Think

B2B sales have evolved! Buyers are now more inclined to conduct online research and engage less frequently with sellers directly. In this digital age, salespeople must find new ways to understand prospects, stand out in a saturated market, personalize messages, and cultivate trust to drive sales. 

DISC Personality Insights: The Key to Understanding Your Buyers

The DISC psychographics methodology was developed by Harvard psychologist Dr. William Marston in the 1920s. It identifies an individual's blend of Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Conscientious traits that influence their behavior and communication style. 

Introducing xiQ's AI-generated DISC Personality Insights

Traditionally determined by self-assessment, DISC personality types can now be predicted by xiQ's proprietary algorithm using generative AI and Behavioral Science. Sellers can now discern prospects' distinct decision-making preferences without the prospects having to take psychometric tests.

How xiQ Generates DISC Personality Insights?

xiQ uses a proprietary AI algorithm to generate DISC Personality Insights from publicly available data, analyzing attributes such as work experience and writing style. Capable of predicting insights for over one billion people, xiQ offers an extensive understanding of individuals professionally without accessing any psychometric test results.

Unveiling the Key to Effective B2B Sales Engagement

Understanding a person's mindset is key in negotiations. With xiQ's DISC Personality Insights, you gain access to valuable tips and advice, enabling you to build rapport, earn trust, and tailor your conversations and selling strategies to align with their preferences. By harnessing these insights, sellers set the stage for successful interactions and meaningful connections. 

Rediscover Your Passion for Selling with xiQ GPTTM

Tired of generic B2B sales emails? Introducing xiQ GPTTM, a tool that blends ChatGPT's language model with xiQ's DISC Personality Insights, creating highly personalized emails that resonate with buyers. Experience a 12x increase in appointment rates, reduce stress and wasted time, and watch sales soar to new heights.


xiQ's Sales Alignment: Unlock Compatibility and Accelerate the Sales Cycle

xiQ's Sales Alignment assesses compatibility between individuals, offering recommendations to effectively engage, establish trust, and personalize pitches with prospects. By understanding how to connect in advance, you can transform interactions, increase persuasion chances, and accelerate sales cycles.

The Buying

B2B procurement decisions are made by buying committees of 12 or more experts from fields like business, IT, finance, and legal. Managing the unique perspectives and personalities of these members is crucial for navigating the complex decision-making process and achieving sales success. 

xiQ Buyer Relationship ManagementTM (BRM)

xiQ has pioneered the revolutionary BRMTM concept, enabling sellers to manage relationships with buying committee members by categorizing them into "Doers," "Coaches," or "Blockers." This system provides insights into stakeholders, tracks interactions, allows sellers to share Buyer Groups, include notes about each buyer, and transition buyers between categories. 



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