B2B Sales IS Challenging

Researching, nurturing, monitoring customer engagement, and managing lead quotas all while juggling multiple accounts is a tall order for anyone. No wonder only 53% of reps meet their quota!

Sales Professionals Must Become More Agile

The ability to seamlessly transition from engaging with different stakeholders at the right time, to managing customer relations while hitting the numbers is paramount. Agility drives momentum.

The Changing Role of the B2B Sales Rep

Buyers are not interested in mere sales pitches. Buyers are looking for trusted advisors who are knowledgeable of their industry and can introduce new ideas and game changing innovations. Being plugged-in, real-time, 24×7, is a prerequisite for all sales reps.

Introducing xiQ PULSE

Just as doctors measure the pulse of their patients to determine their health, xiQ’s PULSE is an AI-enabled heat map that helps sales reps prioritize their accounts and gauge the readiness of their prospects based on “Sales Trigger” activity in the account.

Finger on the PULSE

“Timing is everything in B2B Sales”, says Usman Sheikh CEO and founder of xiQ. “Knowing when to engage with prospects is a key differentiator. Successful sales reps proactively leverage breaking news and events to initiate discussions and build relationships with their prospects”.

Designed to provide a holistic overview and real-time updates on accounts, xiQ helps sales reps engage prospects faster and in a more personalized manner than ever before.

xiQ uses AI to provide sales reps with the ability to determine unique attributes of their accounts and tap into a particular buying propensity.

With xiQ’s PULSE sales reps focus their precious time on value-based selling and relationship building with the right prospects at the right time.

xiQ brings about agility and injects intelligence in to the B2B buyers’ journey and sales processes.

Sales Triggers

A Sales Trigger is a news item that warrants an immediate action from the sales rep. For example, M&A announcements or CxO’s in the news or executives changing jobs or new business and new product launches are examples of Sales Triggers. xiQ helps sellers stay on top of their prospects and industry by categorizing corporate news into 19 Sales Triggers. xiQ pushes individual Triggers, as alerts, so that sales reps are always plugged into their accounts