A User's Guide to Account-Based Selling and Marketing (ABx) with xiQ

To thrive amidst a recessionary economy and crowded digital channels, businesses should focus on high-value accounts and enhance their engagement strategies. Achieving this requires adopting a new method that streamlines and consolidates the sales process to promote speed, agility, and smarter decision-making.

This demands a bold new approach to rethinking the:

  • Entire go-to-market strategy
  • Roles of sales makers
  • Sales and marketing tech stack

xiQ is a sales and marketing platform designed to support businesses in navigating the ever-changing economic and digital landscapes. It offers tailored solutions to enable Account-based Selling and Marketing (ABx), helping businesses succeed even in challenging environments.

This comprehensive and insightful guide explores the solutions available in the xiQ Suite and explains how they enable Account-Based Selling and Marketing (ABx).


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