(Besides Your Subject Line)

These are some of the questions most pondered upon by all email marketers: What should be the ideal length of a subject line? How to maximum open rate? And how often should I send emails?

Based on our experience with email marketing, here’s how you can maximize open rates for your marketing campaigns.

Your List

One of the biggest reasons your marketing suffers is because your emails struggle to reach inbox space consistently. As ISP filtering becomes more rigorous, more emails end up in the spam folder. To avoid being labelled as spam, you need to check:

  • How clean is your send list?
  • Are you targeting the right customers from the start? And;  
  • Are you frequently scrubbing your list against the unengaged audiences?

You should not send emails to unengaged contacts because it risks your emails getting flagged. Once the IP recognizes enough flagged activity from your domain, there’s a high chance that your emails will end up in the spam folder.

Email Delivery Time

You need to consider split testing the delivery time. It is important to test your delivery time against every list that you are sending emails to because it can influence your opens.

Frequency Of Sending Emails

Do not flood your recipient with emails. No buyer wants to see emails from one sender three times a week. Instead, use calendars to set a frequency of sending emails, gauge your open rates, and subsequently engage those who have opened the emails.

The Length Of Your Subject Line

Keep your email subject short and effective. The most effective emails have the subject precisely between 6 to 10 words. Short subject lines always work best.

Your ISP Reputation

The ISPs such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL assign a certain score based on the emails you send. Different ISPs react differently to the same email. Therefore, it is important to structure your email carefully to not look spammy.

Buyers today have too much information to engage with. Unless they see something that compels them to open the email, they will most likely hit unsubscribe or report the sender as spam. Get these pillars of email deliverability right, in order to ensure the best open rates for your marketing campaigns.


Marketing Manager

xiQ, Inc.