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6 Essential Prompts for Developing Value-Centric Marketing Collateral

Vanessa Ford

Vanessa Ford

Account Executive

Hi, I'm Vanessa Ford. Today, I'll be using xiQ's Gilroy to:

  • Identify Cyber Eye's key value propositions
  • Generate title suggestions for the blog post
  • Create a video script for Cyber Eye's key value propositions
  • Craft a blog post
  • Develop a business case study
  • Draft a LinkedIn post

I will begin by uploading Cyber Eye's marketing collateral to xiQ's Document Hub. This will ensure that Gilroy has access to the latest corporate-approved materials from Cyber Eye for its AI-generated content.

Upload Your Company's Collateral on xiQ's Document Hub


Identify Key Value Propositions of Cyber Eye


Write a Blog on Cyber Eye’s Key Value Propositions


Generate Title Suggestions for the Blog Post


Develop a Business
Case Study


Create a Video Script for Cyber Eye’s Key Value Propositions


Draft a LinkedIn Post on Cyber Eye’s Key Value Propositions

Why Gilroy?


Conversational Interface: Gilroy offers a seamless conversational interface that requires no complex prompts or jargon.


No Information Overload: Gilroy efficiently combs through information, providing you with precise and relevant details about your prospects and accounts.


Up-to-the-Minute Research: Gilroy provides customized prompts for efficient research and informed interactions across various prospects and accounts.


Spend More Time Selling: Gilroy accelerates sales cycles, saves hours of research time, helps close more deals faster.


Boost Sales Performance: Gilroy empowers salespeople to achieve a 12x increase in booked demos, a 30% increase in pipeline, and 38% rise in win rates.


Rediscover Work Life Balance: Gilroy supports salespeople in achieving work-life balance, eliminating stress, saving time, and maximizing productivity.