Empowering Sales with xiQ: Where Human Intuition Meets AI Precision

In the high-stakes world of sales, success often hinges on the smallest of details. Whether it’s understanding a client’s nuanced needs, recognizing patterns in market behavior, or quickly adapting strategies to a rapidly changing environment, sales reps today are expected to perform with unparalleled precision and agility.

Enter xiQ, an AI-powered marketing and sales intelligence platform that has rapidly carved its niche in a crowded market. Founded in 2017, xiQ combines cutting-edge AI with deep analytics to provide real-time account intelligence, marketing engagement metrics, and actionable intent data. In a short span, the platform has found patrons in giants like Accenture, AWS, and Palo Alto Networks.

But what sets xiQ apart? At Dell Technologies, where I have the privilege of training a diverse range of sales professionals operations individuals, execs, etc.., xiQ has been a game-changer. While it offers several powerful features, its integration of DISC personality analysis stands out. This feature allows reps to craft communications tailored to individual client personalities. For someone like me, who naturally leans towards detailed, story-driven pitches, DISC analysis ensures I can adjust my style to better serve my customer, thereby enhancing our engagement and improving sales outcomes. Not just be upping my chances on closing a deal, but more importantly, communicating in a way where my STYLE does not GET IN THE way of creating a relationship!

Moreover, xiQ isn’t just about tailoring communication. Its ability to simplify the SWOT analysis process is revolutionary. Consider a team that once manually mapped SWOT insights to offers or strategies. With xiQ, what once took hours can now be achieved in seconds, allowing this team to cover more ground and strategize more efficiently. By letting AI handle 80% of the heavy lifting, xiQ frees up sales reps to focus on what they do best: building genuine relationships and closing deals.

However, while the benefits of xiQ are many, it’s essential to remember that tools like this should complement, not replace, the human element in sales. At Dell, we often emphasize that while AI can remove much of the drudgery from tasks, it’s not a silver bullet. You muse INSPECT what you EXPECT from the AI output. As with any tool, its efficacy depends on how you use it. For some, xiQ will revolutionize email campaigns. For others, it’ll be a game-changer in strategizing. And for many, it’ll be both. As we explore the integration into Microsoft Teams, adoption will likely improve. Employees of today want less “friction” to get what they need to be successful and nesting tools into platforms like Teams, always helps.

Our experience at Dell reflects a broader trend. While 50% of our team has delved deep into xiQ, exploring its potential and providing invaluable feedback, another segment is cautiously optimistic, taking time to familiarize themselves with the platform. And that’s okay. Tools like xiQ cater to a spectrum of users, from early adopters to the more hesitant. Over time, as more success stories emerge, we expect even the late adopters to realize the transformative potential of xiQ.


In conclusion, in an era where data is plentiful but genuine insights are rare, platforms like xiQ offer a promising path forward. They enable sales reps to combine their inherent human intuition with the precision of AI, ensuring that sales strategies are not just data-driven but also human-centered. As we continue to navigate the dynamic world of sales, tools like xiQ will be invaluable allies, helping us forge deeper connections and achieve greater success.

About The Author

Brian Picard

Sales Operations Specialist

Dell Technologies

Brian Picard has been a dedicated member of DELL Technologies for nearly 17 years. He presently enjoys the esteemed privilege of collaborating with all Services Sales Representatives, spanning from inside teams to field teams and even principal consultants. His primary mission revolves around the adoption of tools and processes aimed at enhancing their efficiency, simplifying their daily tasks, and driving sales. Over the past six months, AI has emerged as a significant component of his daily responsibilities. Brian is enthused to share his insights on AI and shed light on how xiQ is transforming AI into an accessible and immediately valuable resource for skeptics.