Targeted content for targeted audiences ignites customer engagement like you have never experienced before. xiQ measured customer engagement across a number of ABM projects. In each instance, a personalized email digest was curated, daily, using xiQ’s Curation Workbench and sent via email to key purchasing influencers and decision makers in named accounts. The topics varied from Cybersecurity, IoT, B2B Marketing, AI, Robotics, e-Payments, Data Storage to Competitive Market Intelligence and many more. The results present a compelling business case for using curated content to engage and influence future Buyers.


50 – 90% digest open rate

65% read the digests DAILY!

23% open the email an average of 4 times/day!

47% use the content in xiQ’s digests by sharing on social media.

60% click-thru 5 – 10% of the times



Unlike newsletters that promote your achievements and are perceived as sales collateral, Digests drive exponentially greater engagement because they are a source of curated information that your audience actually values. xiQ’s Workbench lets you curate and publish your own branded digest, personalized for each customer in 15 mins a day.

The curation speed and accuracy offered by xiQ presents unprecedented opportunities to personalize content, at scale and engage audiences longer and more frequently. Higher engagement means better quality leads. More frequent engagement allows you to engage when the prospect is ready to buy,

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xiQ’s AI-powered Workbench curates millions of content sources and lets you create custom content for distribution to prospects, customers, partners and account teams – IN MINUTES!

Our results speak for themselves.

SOURCE: Results are based on the usage behaviors of 1500 recipients of digests curated using xiQ’s Curation Workbench. This report covers a period of one month and digests sent daily during weekdays.

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Terry is a member of C-Suite Support, a partner with Fortium Partners, a Fellow of the Institute for Digital Transformation, and author of the e-book, Busting Through Digital Transformation Roadblocks. Terry has a special passion for helping companies increase business value by attaining the speed, agility, and innovation needed for success in the digital era. Find Terry on LinkedIn Twitter