Optimize Sales with xiQ: AI-SWOT Analysis & Gilroy, Build deeper strategies FASTER!

In the sales game, having up-to-date and relevant information is critical for success. But the truth is, preparation can be time-consuming, and despite all the efforts, 87% of opportunities are lost due to lack of preparation. Enter xiQ and its AI-generated SWOT analysis and Pain Points feature—a true game changer.

Firstly, xiQ’s SWOT analysis is there, ready and current, removing the time-consuming task of manually gathering this crucial data. As one sales professional aptly put it, “less than 3% of professional salespeople can put together a SWOT analysis as effectively as xiQ.” Even for that 3%, the hours—if not days—spent researching could have been better spent elsewhere.

But the truth is, a SWOT analysis is only as useful as its application. Many sales professionals are technically proficient or excellent relationship builders, but not all have the analytical skills to effectively apply SWOT analysis to real-world situations. xiQ has solved this problem too. Meet Gilroy, xiQ’s AI guide, designed to map SWOT and Pain Points data to a company’s product offerings, among many other amazing activities that will save you time.

For sales teams—or “GEOPODS” as they’re often termed—Gilroy’s introduction was a watershed moment. Pre-Gilroy, it was possible to get through maybe 2-3 strategies in a meeting, and not nearly as in-depth. But with Gilroy’s quick, AI-driven insights, sales teams can triple their output, refining strategies in less time, leading to “longer, deeper engagements that grow relationships.”

Now, what about the future? Sales professionals should start integrating AI tools like xiQ into their routines. But the key to remember is, these tools are not a replacement for human skills but an enhancement. As the saying goes, AI is an “AUGMENTATION of YOUR INTELLIGENCE.” By merging years of experience and honed interpersonal skills with AI, sales professionals can solve real-time problems more effectively, adding more value to their clients and, in the process, putting the smile back in sales.

So why wait? Start playing with AI today. You’re not forced to use it, but once you experience how it augments your capabilities, you’ll never look back. It’s time to revolutionize your sales game with xiQ and Gilroy, and win big.

About The Author

Brian Picard

Sales Operations Specialist

Dell Technologies

Brian Picard has been a dedicated member of DELL Technologies for nearly 17 years. He presently enjoys the esteemed privilege of collaborating with all Services Sales Representatives, spanning from inside teams to field teams and even principal consultants. His primary mission revolves around the adoption of tools and processes aimed at enhancing their efficiency, simplifying their daily tasks, and driving sales. Over the past six months, AI has emerged as a significant component of his daily responsibilities. Brian is enthused to share his insights on AI and shed light on how xiQ is transforming AI into an accessible and immediately valuable resource for skeptics.