Welcome to Sales in 2023! xiQ's Personality Insights Has Officially Changed the Game

In today’s competitive business landscape, the key to successful sales and marketing lies in understanding the mindset of your buyers. It’s no secret that every individual has their own unique personality traits, preferences, and communication styles. Recognizing and harnessing these distinctions can be a game-changer in building trust, removing barriers, and ultimately driving success in the world of sales and marketing.

Meet xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform™ – a groundbreaking solution that combines neuroscience, psychology, and AI to unravel the enigma of your buyers’ personalities. At its core, xiQ individualizes sales and marketing for every buyer at every stage of the buying process, and it’s transforming the way businesses approach their customers.

For those who have experienced the power of xiQ, it’s nothing short of a revelation. It provides a window into the minds of potential clients, allowing instant visual insights into the connection between the seller and the buyer.

This visual connection is a game-changer in the world of sales, providing a snapshot of how well your personality aligns with that of your prospective client.

Imagine being able to assess your connection with a potential client instantly, whether it’s a high, medium, or low connection. With xiQ, this becomes a reality. You can scroll a little further and quickly access different approaches for conflict resolution, insights into temperament, communication likes and dislikes, and even how to craft emails that resonate with each person’s unique style.

Take my own experience as an example. I’m someone who loves to tell elaborate stories with analogies and humor – at least, it’s funny to me. While this approach has worked well for me, I understand that not everyone immediately warms up to it. Some may need time to look past my unconventional delivery and see the value in what I’m offering. That’s where xiQ’s personality insights come into play.

xiQ enables me to tailor my initial interactions, presenting information in the best way possible for the prospective client to absorb. It’s not about cheating the system; it’s about building trust and removing any barriers that my style may unintentionally create. By doing this, I let the value of my offers shine bright from the start. Eventually, my natural style seeps in, but by that time, our relationship is built on trust and value, making it work seamlessly.

But xiQ doesn’t stop at the individual level. It also empowers teams to work more effectively. In my case, I have a team of dedicated sales professionals, and we meet regularly to strategize. We’ve started using xiQ to assess how each team member’s personality matches with the personalities of potential clients. This strategic approach allows us to decide who should take the lead in certain interactions.

It’s not always about the account lead; it’s about leveraging the strengths of each team member. If someone on the team matches best with a client, we utilize their personality to our advantage. This could involve having them help craft a plan, review AI-generated content to fine-tune it for the perfect presentation, or even lead the initial face-to-face meeting. It’s all about maximizing our effectiveness as a team.

What sets xiQ apart from other sales and marketing platforms is its AI assistant, Gilroy. Gilroy utilizes the DISC information and other data to create personalized content, including emails, call scripts, strategies, and LinkedIn posts tailored to the individual. This not only saves a significant amount of time but also enhances the quality of our communication.

One of my favorite features within xiQ is the modular prompts that Gilroy offers. These prompts allow us to input specific information, and in a matter of seconds, Gilroy generates a series of emails aimed at setting up a face-to-face meeting with a potential client. The content is tailored to the client’s sales triggers, pain points, and strengths, ensuring a coherent and compelling message from the first email to the last.

In essence, Gilroy does the heavy lifting, allowing us to focus on the remaining 20% of the work that truly requires our human touch. It’s not about AI replacing us but enhancing our capabilities and making us more efficient.

In conclusion, xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform™, powered by the remarkable AI assistant Gilroy, is reshaping the way we approach sales and marketing. It’s a tool that empowers us to connect with clients on a deeper level, create personalized communication, and build trust faster than ever before. It’s a revolution in sales and marketing, and it’s here to stay.

About The Author

Brian Picard

Sales Operations Specialist

Dell Technologies

Brian Picard has been a dedicated member of DELL Technologies for nearly 17 years. He presently enjoys the esteemed privilege of collaborating with all Services Sales Representatives, spanning from inside teams to field teams and even principal consultants. His primary mission revolves around the adoption of tools and processes aimed at enhancing their efficiency, simplifying their daily tasks, and driving sales. Over the past six months, AI has emerged as a significant component of his daily responsibilities. Brian is enthused to share his insights on AI and shed light on how xiQ is transforming AI into an accessible and immediately valuable resource for skeptics.