About xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform

xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform™ combines neuroscience, psychology, and AI to understand the buyers’ mindset and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. xiQ’s proprietary platform focuses on enabling the most important part of selling – engaging every buyer at every stage of the buying process

xiQ’s Platform consists of three solutions: Sales Xelerator™, Marketing Workbench, and Engagement Analytics. Sales Xelerator™ provides personality insights, 3600 account intelligence, and industry trends in real-time so users can engage their buyers at the right time, in the right way, with the right information. xiQ’s Workbench is an AI-powered content curation engine, fueled by 1st-party intent data, current news, and drag and drop capabilities, that allows marketers to consistently nurture and build thought leadership reputation. Both solutions have embedded engagement analytics that provide insights into optimizing performance.

We’re thrilled to be ranked as High Performer in G2’s Spring 2022 Sales Xelerator™ four times in a row, creating a new category with personality-driven approach to sales and marketing.

xiQ’s recognized as High Performer in Sales Xelerator™

G2 defines Sales Xelerator™ Software as solutions that “help companies use internal and external data to increase sales and improve sales processes. Companies use Sales Xelerator™ software to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by using data to find new opportunities and provide salespeople with the information they need to take advantage of them.”

xiQ’s personality-driven insights, sales triggers, buyer group dynamics, industry and account intelligence, and real-time news arm sales people with the knowledge to strike while the iron’s hot in target accounts. xiQ empowers salespeople to engage accounts with actionable insight on each front, maximize chances of engagement, and close deals faster.

“xiQ’s AI-generated psychographic insights provide an unprecedented view inside the psychological mindset of your prospective buyers, partners, and colleagues so you can communicate with them with confidence and open doors for closing deals within accounts.’ says Usman Sheikh, Founder and CEO at xiQ.

xiQ Ranks as High Performer in Marketing Account Intelligence

Marketing account intelligence software, as defined by G2, compiles insightful prospect data to help marketers develop a list of accounts that fit a user’s ideal customer profile. Marketing account intelligence systems are implemented to combat the inefficiencies of the traditional “spray and pray" marketing approach. By deploying this software, marketing organizations can maximize efforts on accounts that have a high likelihood of converting to customers while minimizing time and money spent on prospects with a low probability of converting.

Effectively nurturing top prospects requires marketers to provide relevant, educational, and helpful content.

With xiQ’s Workbench, powered by its SmartSourced™ Content Engine, sales and marketing teams can combine real-time news based on first-party intent data with their own marketing collateral and create campaigns that drive 10x higher engagement.

xiQ Workbench provides automatic lead scoring based on audience engagement, first-party intent data on key topics your prospects are talking about, and top accounts engaging most with your content. Armed with these insights, sales and marketing teams can strategize individualized content strategies for each account and convert pipeline faster.

“xiQ’s Workbench allows us to curate campaigns and connect with clients unlike ever before. xiQ’s AI-engine recommends content that we combine with our own, to launch campaigns that achieve unprecedented engagement rates at a fraction of time and resources.” says Steve Tso, Marketing Director at Symantec.

xiQ Ranks as High Performer for Account-Based Web and Content Experiences

G2 defines its Account-based web and content experience category as software that allows companies to create personalized, branded web and content experiences at scale to drive better results for account-based marketing strategies. This type of software helps marketers create and distribute account-specific content to accelerate the sales cycle.

xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform is designed to make one-to-many campaigns feel like one-to-one interactions - done at scale. It helps you identify your targets, think like your buyers do, generate thought leadership, and individualize every interaction at every stage of the buying journey.

‘It can be overwhelming for a salesperson to stay on top of the real-time news happening in each account,’ says Leela Gill, CMO at xiQ. ‘xiQ helps salespeople understand the motivations of their buyers, know what matters to them most in real-time, and engage them with the right information at the right time.’

What xiQ Users Are Saying About the Sales Xelerator™ Platform

“I like knowing about my prospect's personality before picking up the phone. xiQ has an incredible personality insight engine, and the recommendations and tips are super helpful in understanding who I want to engage. Having the Enterprise account summaries saves me hours of time doing research,” said Garth Hukabay, Account Executive at Dynatrace.

“Best highlight features of xiQ Platform include personality insights, company overviews and information, industry intelligence, and outlook Integration. In addition, xiQ creates actionable intelligence I can use in a mobile-friendly format!” stated Blake Fernandez, Enterprise Account Manager at Nutanix.’

About xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform

In today's rapid-fire sales world, where people are measured on volume not value, spending the time to do proper research and building authentic understanding can be punishing.

And, in a 3-second marketing world, if your content is not real-time and relevant, your audience doesn’t value it. They see it as noise, not news.

xiQ, the pioneer of Personality-driven Sales and Marketing, developed its platform to solve these problems and more.

Our award-winning, proprietary AI platform delivers personality insights, comprehensive account intelligence, and real-time, curated content right to your salespeople’s fingertips so they can build trust and close deals faster.

Our large enterprise customers have engaged their audiences 10x better as compared to traditional marketing channels, saved thousands of hours of research time, and achieved up to 24% higher close win rates.

Key capabilities of xiQ’s proprietary AI-powered platform:
  • Personality-driven insights for one-to-one sales playbooks
  • SmartSourced Content™ that drives 10x engagement
  • First-party intent data and advanced analytics to individualize every interaction
  • Instasites (microsites designed for individualized experiences)
  • Comprehensive all-in-one company profiles compiled in seconds
  • Sales triggers and real-time alerts direct to your inbox
  • Outlook, Salesforce, MS Teams, and social media integration

Discover xiQ at xiQinc.com and sign up to experience our Sales Xelerator™ platform for free.

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Mahnoor Bhatti

Marketing Communications Manager

xiQ, Inc.

Mahnoor Bhatti is a B2B marketer specializing in large enterprise communications. She designs and delivers integrated marketing campaigns, brand development, event planning, and product launches at xiQ, the world’s first personality-driven sales and marketing platform.