ABM is a complex and long-drawn process that requires marketing and sales disciplines to work as one to deliver highly personalized client experiences.

From prospecting to content creation, to campaign execution and measurement, to developing strategies that address each buyer is a tall order. Yet Account-Based Selling and Marketing (ABM) demands a seamless experience throughout the buyer’s journey. However, the current sales and marketing technology stack is fragmented and does not allow for the seamless flow of information across functional silos (see below).

Fragmented tech stacks are expensive, leaking money, time and opportunity, at every integration point.

A vast majority of enterprises are crippled by large antiquated and fragmented infrastructure stacks that prevent them from being able to incorporate next-generation personalization capabilities, for example:

  • AI-assisted content creation for marketing campaigns
  • Personality analysis
  • Intent data
  • Account dossiers

Integrate or innovate?

Successful ABM programs need to execute seamlessly across different sales and marketing functional silos. Companies have two options:

  • Connect disparate systems
  • Leverage xiQ’s integrated AI-based marketing and sales platform

Whereas the technologies may be familiar, integrating and connecting disparate systems is an expensive and time-consuming option. Not only does it take time to get the systems to start communicating with each other, but the integrations are inflexible. ABM requires a lot of A/B testing which becomes difficult and error-prone to execute across disparate integrated systems that are loosely coupled together.

xiQ the future of Account-Based Sales and Marketing

xiQ is an AI-enabled platform designed from the ground up as a next-generation B2B sales and marketing platform. xiQ supports the entire ABM lifecycle.

Account-Based Sales Marketing Lifecycle

xiQ breaks down ABM into three AI-powered functional blocks.

ENGAGE. xiQ leverages AI to curate and build campaigns that gain 10x higher client engagement. With the assistance of AI, xiQ can curate millions of 3rd party sources to find content to use in campaigns in minutes. This allows more frequent cadence with prospects and greater engagement with the campaigns.

QUALIFY. xiQ uses AI to monitor campaign results and score leads on a basis of engagement. xiQ extrapolates intent data directly from the content a prospect is engaging with thereby providing valuable insights into the prospect’s intentions.

SELL. Designed to assist sellers to personalize their client engagements, xiQ focuses on providing personality insights, 360-degree company information and interactive account summaries.

Can you afford to invest in yesterday’s technology to run tomorrow’s processes?

With xiQ you invest in a brand new AI-powered, single, end to end, SaaS platform designed for Account-Based Sales and Marketing. All stages of ABM are mapped in one platform. xiQ saves precious time setting up and getting started. Clients sign up and are running campaigns within minutes. The agility and innovation in xiQ builds credibility and trust among sales and marketing teams.

A significant portion of marketing’s budget is invested in non-value adding and time-consuming integration exercises trying to get the silos to communicate with each other.

ABM is not a one and done – its power comes from changing the way marketing AND sales work together. With xiQ, the value is realized by both sales AND marketing. xiQ is a platform that provides a forcing function bridging the sales and marketing divide.

About The Author

Usman Sheikh

Founder and CEO

xiQ, Inc.

Usman Sheikh is the visionary founder and CEO of xiQ, an award-winning B2B sales and marketing platform. Through the fusion of generative AI, behavioral science, and ChatGPT, xiQ is revolutionizing the industry with its personality-driven sales approach.
As a futurist and design thinker, Usman aims to humanize B2B sales and marketing by leveraging generative AI and psychology. With xiQ, sellers can understand the mindset of prospective buyers and hyper-personalize engagement at every stage of the sales cycle.
Before xiQ, Usman held various global roles at SAP, including Vice President of Corporate Development, Product Management, Sales Enablement, and Digital Commerce.
Usman frequently serves as a guest lecturer on AI and B2B sales and marketing at renowned business schools such as the University of Texas, University of Wisconsin, University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, and Clemson University.
A graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Usman’s diverse passions extend beyond business. He enjoys Squash, architecture, design, cooking, and hiking.