xiQ is a next generation, AI-powered B2B sales and marketing platform. It provides all the smart tools that are required to run an end-to-end customer engagement lifecycle in one SaaS platform. It is easy to set-up and use and coexists with legacy sales and marketing technology.

How do companies like dell close 4x more deals?

DELL and other companies use xiQ to accelerate sales. xiQ improves sales productivity by using AI to help sellers:

  • Understand the Mindset of Their Buyer (Group): xiQ’s AI-generated Personality Insights provide actionable insights on how to approach, engage and qualify individual Buyers.
  • Gain Real-time Situational Awareness: Preparedness is the single biggest competitive advantage in B2B sales and the precursor to “being at the right place at the right time”.
  • Drive Individualized Conversations: Establishing context and relevance is the start of building trusted relationships. By leveraging AI, xiQ finds the topics that matter to clients and prospects, as individuals, as companies and as industries. What makes xiQ radically different is that you can mobilize intent insights to generate content and engage clients in highly individualized conversations 90% faster at 1/10th the cost. The results are 4x higher sales win rates.
  • Prioritize the Pipeline: Not all prospects are equal. Cross referencing firmographics with engagement patterns identifies and prioritizes companies and individuals who qualify for deeper sales engagement.

Measuring impact

Smart sales tools and technologies are setting new standards of productivity gains. Whereas the age-old benchmarks of measuring sales effectiveness i.e., closing deals and lowering cost of sales remain valid, there are new benchmarks that smart sales technologies enable:

  • Work Smarter Not Harder – AI provides the advantage of speed and real-time intelligence. Understanding the mindset of prospective buyers and knowing what and how to engage prospects leads to 4x higher sales win rates.
  • Agility – At the end of the day, enhanced sales productivity is about closing more deals in less time. xiQ’s unified sales and marketing platform allows sales reps to intelligently engage 10x more clients in the same amount of time.
  • Lower Total Cost of Operations – xiQ combines next generation sales and marketing tools in one easy-to-use, SaaS platform allowing B2B teams to operate 90% faster at 1/10th the cost.
  • Return on Investment – Incremental Sales Revenue/Cost of Technology = ROI should be greater than 10x investment.


Usman Sheikh

Founder and CEO

xiQ, Inc.

Usman Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of xiQ, Inc. Prior to founding xiQ, Usman was a Vice President with SAP, SE where he had first-hand experience with ABM and B2B Sales. Usman has worked in over 40 countries and lived in Singapore, Germany, and the United States. Currently, he resides in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area.