Most companies today recognize the benefits of a customer intimacy strategy. By knowing more about a customer, you can adapt products to specific customer needs. Communication can be tailored to meet the customer’s interests as well as their communication style. Staying abreast of news about your customer provides additional opportunities to spur top-of-mind awareness. All of this helps to engender emotional loyalty. It also heightens competitive advantage while feeding the three pillars of digital era success – speed, agility, and innovation. As an organization of experienced C-Suite executives engaging with clients on either a fractional or interim basis, C-Suite Support provides clients with higher levels of service at a lower cost than adding full-time employees. We bring “battle-tested” experience of proven success built through the learning that can only be gained from the school of hard knocks. At the same time, we understand that the business landscape is changing. After all, we’ve helped change it. And even today, we are continually on the lookout for new ways to bring competitive advantage to our clients. C-Suite Support has discovered xiQ, a tool that can be used to help increase customer intimacy. Targeted primarily toward B2B companies, xiQ uses artificial intelligence to enhance the sales and marketing functions. There are currently two xiQ tools that you will want in your toolbox:

Sales Application. The ability to develop a solid relationship with a potential buyer can often enhance the potential to close a sale. People like to buy from those they know, like, and trust. Would it help you to understand the personality of potential buyers before you even meet them?

The xiQ Sales Application brings you a competitive edge! It presents you with not only the potential buyer’s online profile but also the DISC Personality Analysis for that specific individual. This personality analysis was developed by collecting information from various online sources and then applying artificial intelligence. The application also provides tips on how to best engage with this prospect, for example, when you are emailing, speaking, or selling to them. Every salesperson I have shown this application is absolutely fascinated by it!

  Marketing Workbench. Use the power of AI to scan the web for content specific to your targeted industry, and then use the curated information found to quickly build and distribute custom content to your customers, prospects, and partners. This allows you to enhance the value you provide while also improving your recognition as a “visible expert”. And by inserting an article you have written alongside the rest of this content, your reputation as a thought leader is enhanced even further. C-Suite Support is regularly distributing such a digest as we begin to build our brand and are receiving a strong reception. Using the Marketing Workbench to track news on customers and prospects alerts you to potential sales triggers. For example, the hiring of a new CFO might signal an opportunity to win new business or a possible threat requiring action to preserve business. These news alerts also enhance your knowledge of your customers/prospects and present more opportunities for you to stay top-of-mind. The Marketing Workbench can be used to collect competitive intelligence as well by gathering news on your competitors.

Looking for an edge to help spur customer intimacy and sales growth?
xiQ should be at the top of your list.




Terry is a member of C-Suite Support, a partner with Fortium Partners, a Fellow of the Institute for Digital Transformation, and author of the e-book, Busting Through Digital Transformation Roadblocks. Terry has a special passion for helping companies increase business value by attaining the speed, agility, and innovation needed for success in the digital era. Find Terry on LinkedIn Twitter