Each one of us has a unique way by which we absorb information and learn. Our individual decision-making processes (heuristics) are based on our unique personality types. Some people like fact-based information to help make-up their minds, while others prefer anecdotal evidence. Some like lots of detailed information while others prefer the 50,000-foot view. Understanding your buyer’s heuristics (decision-making process) can make the difference between winning and losing deals. By understanding how your buyer’s process information you can adjust the way you present the information and by doing so you are able to convey your value propositions over those of your competitors.

How to find the buying heuristics of your prospects and clients?

xiQ’s AI-enabled engine provides instant access to personality analysis and insights for over 500m people:
  1. Use xiQ to search for a person (add company name to their name to improve results)
  2. xiQ scans the internet and social media to find matching candidates
  3. Upon selecting the person, xiQ starts to collect publicly available information about them
  4. xiQ feeds the individual’s information to AI that has been trained on the DISC personality analysis methodology (similar to Myer Briggs)
  5. xiQ provides a complete personality analysis and multiple recommendations on how to engage with them (see below) – in seconds!
With xiQ you can look up over 500m people and gain instant access to detailed personality analysis and recommendations.

Unprecedented analysis and advantage

Until now it has not been possible to gain deep personality insight about the people you do business with. xiQ, with the help of AI, provides personality-based insights and recommendations that fall into the following categories:
  • Selling – recommendations on how to sell to that individual
  • Emailing – recommendations on how to write the most effective email to the person
  • Building Trust – how to build a lasting relationship
  • Motivations – what motivates the person and how to best engage with them
  • Behavior – understand the working styles and behavior of person
  • Working Together – best approaches on how to work effectively with the person
  • Communications – how to best communicate with them

How accurate are the personality insights and recommendations?

Feedback from our users indicate that over 95% agree with their analysis. Knowing how a person processes information and makes decisions can help you personalize your sales in an unprecedented manner. Every email you craft and every communication you have with that person is custom tailored to address their specific style and needs. This means that what you communicate and convey to your prospects and clients will be better absorbed and received by them. This also means that you are gaining a leg-up on your competition.

A real-life case of personalizing sales and winning the deal

One of our clients recently won a contract by consulting xiQ’s personality insights to personalize presentations, of the same proposal, to two different decision-makers in the same company. By gauging the heuristics of each decision-maker, xiQ’s client was able to modify their proposal presentation for each buyer – highlighting what each decision maker was interested in and in a manner that each decision maker could clearly understand.

Don’t wait get started now

Every second you wait to use this ground-breaking sales innovation you are wasting valuable time to influence your buyers and improve your sales performance. Download xiQ and Get Started Right Away.


Usman Sheikh

Founder and CEO

xiQ Inc.

Usman Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of xiQ, Inc. Prior to founding xiQ, Usman was a Vice President with SAP, SE where he had first-hand experience with ABM and B2B Sales. Usman has worked in over 40 countries and lived in Singapore, Germany, and the United States. Currently, he resides in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area.