xiQ recognized in 11 categories in G2’s Winter 2022 report for B2B Sales

xiQ, the first personality-driven sales and marketing intelligence platform designed for B2B sales, achieved 11 awards in G2’s Winter 2022 report. We’re thrilled to be recognized as a High Performer by G2 in the Sales Xelerator™ and in the Account-based marketing and content development categories.

xiQ won High Performer in 3 categories of Sales Xelerator™

Grid® Report for Sales Xelerator™
Enterprise Grid® Report for Sales Xelerator™
Small Business Grid® Report for Sales Xelerator™

As more businesses are realizing the importance of individualizing sales and marketing to every buyer, at every stage of the buying process, blue chip companies are drawn towards xiQ as it’s proprietary AI-generated personality insights, and smart content development engine enables teams to individualize interactions to each individual’s preferences.

“If you look at the best practices of the top 3% sellers, they all methodically pursue opportunities for closure, by applying insights to support buyers through every stage of the buying journey,” says Usman Sheikh, Founder and CEO of xiQ Inc. “At xiQ, our machine learning algorithms are trained on proven behavioral science methodologies to make the most appropriate and individualized recommendations at the right time, helping sellers close 24% more deals.”

What xiQ Clients Are Saying About the Platform

“xiQ Sales Xelerator™ platform feeds insights to 400 members of Genpact’s sales, marketing and leadership teams. It lets us see everything. Our teams are more intelligent and agile and don’t waste valuable time researching. Instead they can focus on engaging customers and prospects,” stated Ahmed Mazhari, Chief Growth Officer at Genpact.

“With xiQ, we’ve seen a 4 time increase in deal closing rate when our sales reps use xiQ for upfront investigation and relationship building,” stated the AI project consultant at a Fortune Top 75, global computer technology company.

“xiQ provides direct visibility into the interactions of my customer with campaigns and gives our sales teams the ability to understand our customer’s personality profile to create messaging that resonates,” stated Donna Yassay, VP Data Center Product & Solutions Marketing at XILINX.

More xiQ Wins from the G2 Winter Report

Momentum Grid® Report for Sales Xelerator™ - Top Quadrant
Grid® Report for Account-Based Web and Content Experiences
Relationship Index for Account-Based Web and Content Experiences

About xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform

In today's rapid-fire sales world, where people are measured on volume not value, spending the time to do proper research so you understand the buyer you are targeting can be punishing.

And, in a 3-second marketing world, if your content is not real-time and relevant, your audience doesn’t value it. They see it as noise, not news.

xiQ, the pioneer of Personality-driven Sales and Marketing, developed its platform to solve these problems and more.

xiQ’s Personality-driven Sales and Marketing Platform combines neuroscience, psychology, and AI to understand the buyers’ mindset and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Our award-winning, proprietary AI platform delivers personality insights, comprehensive account intelligence, and real-time, curated content right to your team’s fingertips so they can build trust and close deals faster.

Our large enterprise customers have engaged their audiences 10x better as compared to traditional marketing channels, saved thousands of hours of research time, and achieved up to 24% higher close win rates.

Key capabilities of xiQ’s proprietary AI-powered platform:

  • Personality-driven insights for one-to-one sales playbooks
  • SmartSourced Content™ that drives 10x engagement
  • First-party intent data and advanced analytics to individualize every interaction
  • Instasites (microsites designed for individualized experiences)
  • Comprehensive all-in-one company profiles compiled in seconds
  • Sales triggers and real-time alerts direct to your inbox
  • Outlook, Salesforce, MS Teams, and social media integration

Experience xiQ at xiQinc.com and register for our app to experience our Sales Xelerator™ solution at no charge.

About The Author

Mahnoor Bhatti

Marketing Communications Manager

xiQ, Inc.

Mahnoor has 4+ years of experience working in B2B sales and marketing, health technology, and business consulting industries. She’s helped design and execute targeted marketing strategies that help organizations drive revenue growth. She also loves building team cultures that thrive on sportsmanship, flexibility, and cultivating friendships.

Mahnoor is a trained professional chef and loves pan-Asian cuisine. She’s a huge fan of reading science fiction and is a part-time yoga teacher.