xiQ Sales Intelligence Now Available in Microsoft Outlook

We all know that the old ways of B2B selling no longer work. The traditional email-call-email sequences are not effective and innovative marketing and sales leaders are desperate to replace this broken paradigm.

And now they can.

xiQ, the first personality-driven sales and marketing platform, is excited to partner with Microsoft Outlook, paving the way for B2B large enterprise leaders to engage differently. Now salespeople can use personality-driven marketing to individualize communication with their audience at scale by accessing xiQ’s people and company insights within Outlook.

Building Trusted Relationships for B2B Sales is Needed Now More than Ever

When you build strong relationships with your prospects, they are more likely to become your customer and, in time, your brand advocates. They become long-term partners.

However, building trusted relationships is much harder in today’s post-covid economy. A 2020 McKinsey study on “How B2B Sales Has Changed Forever” post covid, shows that “more than three quarters of buyers say they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions—a sentiment that has steadily intensified even after lockdowns have ended”. Today, building a strong relationship with people you have never met can be extremely difficult within the B2B landscape. Sales teams need automated ways to help them find the right audience and engage people at the right time

B2B personality-driven sales and marketing, a new category of precision selling, helps leaders tailor their messaging to the specific personality of the person they are trying to engage. Marketers who personalized emails and used segmented campaigns note as much as a 10x engagement rate (xiQ 2021 customer testimonials). By tailoring messaging to the buyer’s personality, one can speak in a language that resonates with that person and therefore, can begin to build trust.

In the xiQ Neuroscience of Sales webinar, author, TedX speaker and LinkedIn Learning Instructor, Patrick Renvoise, explains how science has demonstrated that our emotional brain (aka the primal brain) wins 99% of the time over the rational brain. As a result, knowing what drives your audience's emotions and understanding the way they like to be engaged is critical in building trust.

With xiQ, B2B sales and marketing teams can match the emotional preferences of their target audiences and present themselves in a way that helps influence the decision-making process.

xiQ's proprietary platform combines AI, psychology, and neuroscience to help B2B enterprise leaders understand the mindset of the buyer. It analyzes public data on accounts and individuals and provides insights and recommendations on how to communicate, engage, and build trust with the people B2B leaders need to reach.

For example, if your decision-maker has a “dominant” personality, xiQ can detect that personality type within seconds and provides recommendations on how to make your point quickly, using fact sheets and numbers. If your prospect has a “conscientious” personality type, xiQ provides recommendations on how to give the person 'time' to analyze details and leave behind use cases and slide decks which can be reviewed later.

These insights are invaluable in opening new communication channels for sales and marketing people that no longer have the plethora of in-person events to engage strangers.

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Creating One-to-One Engagement at Scale for B2B Salespeople

2021 research published by The Center of Sales Strategy, shows that sales people only spend about 30% of their actual time selling - the rest of the time they are doing research. Imagine if your sales people could reduce research time and engage more effectively? What if all the information they needed was at their fingertips within MS Outlook?

Now, with xiQ within MS outlook for sales intelligence, B2B sales and marketing teams can save hours of research time and build rapport from the start.

B2B users can click on any email and xiQ provides the personality insights on the prospect and options to look up people copied on the email. xiQ also provides social media news and updates so you can understand, in real-time, what is top of mind for your prospect.

“By bringing the personality insights to the fingertips of sellers within Outlook, xiQ is driving individualization at scale at the point where it matters most - during one-to-one communication with people,” says Usman Sheikh, Founder and CEO of xiQ. “xiQ resides within the comfort of your email to make your communication powerful and easy while boosting chances of higher conversion.”

Client Experience Using xiQ for Microsoft Outlook

“Our salesmakers on average have 500 accounts. You can’t know all the information on each account unless you have the ability to scour the internet for every one of them,” states Eric Schmude, Services Sales Director, Dell Technologies. “The xiQ platform is incredible for us to be relevant not just initially but also through the sales journey with our customers. Within just a few months, xiQ generated $3MM in opportunities for our salesmakers.”

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Leela Gill

Chief Marketing Officer

xiQ, Inc.

Leela Gill is a seasoned B2B marketing leader who has worked for a wide range of Fortune 500 giants like Walmart, The Home Depot, Eli Lilly, Merck Corporation, and many others.

In her 15+ years of SaaS-based experience, she has worked for a variety of sectors including fintech, retail tech, HR tech, and green tech. Leela earned an Engineering degree from UC Berkeley and her MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. She is a Forbes contributing member and has been a conference speaker on such topics as organizational change management, high-performance teams, and company culture.