Driving Client Success.

xiQ CEO Usman Sheikh’s talk with R. Shawn McBride on Driving Client Success. Obsession with client success defines our corporate culture. We champion how modern day technologies make us smarter and Read More

Using EQ to Sell More.

xiQ CEO Usman Sheikh’s talk with R. Shawn McBride on Upping Your Sales: Using EQ to Sell More. EQ is a key ingredient to successful B2B Sales and Marketing. The winners establish that emotional Read More

Building a Loyal Customer Base.

xiQ CEO Usman Sheikh’s talk with R. Shawn McBride on Building a Customer Base. Building a customer base. Interview with xiQ, Inc. CEO Usman Sheikh — on how they are using a new business model Read More

Running a Disruptive Company.

xiQ CEO Usman Sheikh’s talk with R. Shawn McBride on what its like to run a disruptive Company. Building a disruptive technology company. I talk with XiQ CEO Usman Sheikh on what his technology Read More

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Recently a “self-proclaimed” marketing influencer and “guru” described Account-Based Marketing by using the analogy “if marketing automation is a car then Account-based Marketing is a Read More
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Understand Buyer Heuristics and Leapfrog Competition

Each one of us has a unique way by which we absorb information and learn. Our individual decision-making processes (heuristics) are based on our unique personality types. Some people like fact-based Read More

A Business Case for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Targeted content for targeted audiences ignites customer engagement like you have never experienced before. xiQ measured customer engagement across a number of ABM projects. In each instance, a Read More

Increasing Customer Intimacy

Most companies today recognize the benefits of a customer intimacy strategy. By knowing more about a customer, you can adapt products to specific customer needs. Communication can be tailored to meet Read More


Yes seriously! That may sound as ridiculous as the thousands of sales initiatives stuck in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) quagmire. xiQ offers a different and more direct route to personalizing B2B Read More
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